Accounts Payable Processing

Vendor Master File Cleaning

Twofold know that keeping your vendor records up to date on your accounting system is time consuming and a tedious never ending job. For this reason most companies allow their vendor details to age and go out of date. Twofold can refresh this data for you updating legal entity, Company registration number, address and contact details. However, we recommend that only you update any bank detail information.

Invoice Data Capture

Using our own solutions we can capture your invoice information and feed it directly into your accounting system. Your invoices can be routed to us to open and scan or you can do this and we will take your images and deliver back all the invoice data into your accounting system or provide exceptions for your team to correct.

Vendor Connect

Why receive paper from your key suppliers? Why not receive an XML file with all the key data and a copy of your invoice. Save hours keying data and ensure 100% accurate information with our vendor connector. This solution requires the supplier to print their invoices as normal but instead of their invoice coming out on the printer, the connector will intercept the print stream before it reached the printer and send you an email with the invoice and xml data.

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