Twofold Bureau services

Twofold recognise that not all customers want to buy, manage and maintain scanning and OCR technologies. Therefore we are delighted to offer our customers a unique outsourced scanning bureau alternative.

There are many scan shops throughout the UK. Our chosen bureau scans millions of documents per month for many world class clients and has invested in the best staff, top-of-the-range scanning equipment and the latest capture software. This multi million pound investment is available to Twofold customers for a simple per item tariff. You simply redirect your post (or bag it up and courier it to our bureau) and in return we deliver clean, accurate data and images directly into your systems.
  • No up front investment
  • Simple per item tariff
  • Fully integrated into Twofold's document management solutions
  • Reduce storage space by 98%
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Lowest cost of ownership
To find out more regarding our Bureau services, please contact us.

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