'Digital Mailroom' is the automation of incoming and outgoing mail processes

With business growth, mail volumes continue to grow. Studies show that medium sized companies now process around 100,000 pieces of incoming items per month, whether it is by post, email, fax or web transactions. Customers are constantly struggling to keep on top of this communication flow and remain competitive in this ever increasing market. Every organisation needs to constantly focus on improving business processes, to be more accurate, faster and more cost effective.

By implementing Twofold’s Digital Mailroom Solutions, organisations can automate their data capture and document management system, and achieve more accuracy, more speed and considerable cost savings.

How it works

Sorting large volumes of incoming mail, manually entering data and routing to correct departments drives up operation cost, reduces customer response times and increases the risk of data loss and exposure. The traditional mailroom can, however, be modernised through automatic capturing, classification and extraction of incoming mail to more efficiently drive business processes to become a fully functioning digital mailroom.
Digital Mailroom

Typical benefits of a Twofold Digital Mailroom:

  • Increase efficiency by reducing the decision cycle
  • Save operational costs
  • Reduced paper costs
  • Ensure accurate data tracking
  • Improved audit and security
  • Improve customer service
  • Meet compliance regulations

Document Management Demo

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If your organisation is processing thousands of documents per month and you would like to improve your efficiency whilst reducing costs, please contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Account Managers.

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