Document security

Document fraud in the UK is the easiest form of theft, the hardest to detect and every year costs British companies millions of pounds. Although the volume of cheques being issued has declined there are still more than 2.7 million cheques issued every day! 90% of attempted cheque fraud was spotted and stopped in 2011. To ensure you're part of the 90% we recommend the use of high security cheque stationery and equipment.
Criminals can access your cash by signature forgery, document duplication and alteration forgery. And it's not just money you lose - document fraud also leads to bad press, staff anxiety, loss of trust and time during the investigations.
Twofold offer a range of secure solutions that can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations or duplication, and bring back that peace of mind.

Benefits of document security:

  • Prevents monetary losses
  • Maintains company integrity
  • Peace of mind for you, your staff and your customers
  • Avoid disruption to your working environment
  • Maximum security and control throughout the business
  • Increased efficiency
  • Maintains accurate records
  • Professional and authentic document validation

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