Mailroom Equipment

Although the idea of a paperless office is one we all like to think is possible, the reality is that at some point in the document handling process there will be hard copies to deal with.

Whether you're receiving documents or sending documents out through the mail; having to separate multi-part forms, or validate secure documents, processing all of these is a laborious task that takes up valuable staff resources.

For incoming post Twofold provide letter openers for fast and easy post distribution.

For outgoing post Twofold provide folder inserters, franking machines, pressure sealers, paper folders and address printers. All designed to provide maximum productivity with minimum fuss.

Multi part forms can be separated in a fraction of the time using our range of bursters, decollators, cutters and combined machines.

While our range of secure solutions can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations to company cheques or the duplication of confidential documents, providing greater security and peace of mind.

Just some of the benefits of an automated document handling process:

  • Enhanced efficiency within each department
  • Increased productivity without the additional costs
  • Better use of staff resources resulting in improved staff morale
  • Greater communications between you and your customers
  • Professional company image projected with every item sent
  • Rapid Return On Investment for maximum cost cutting benefits
  • Increased security and control

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