Reasons to use a Franking Machine

There are many reasons to use one of our Twofold Franking Machines.

 Saves you money

Users of a Twofold Franking Machine will receive a 12p discount for every 1st Class letter they send and 16p for every 2nd Class letter. User will also receive huge savings of up to 85p on a 2kg medium parcel, making it significantly cheaper to send franked mail rather than using stamps.

 Saves you time

Crediting your Franking Machine is quick and simple, and you needn’t leave the office to do so. Simply enter the amount you require and at the touch of a button your postage is downloaded via your internet connection direct to your machine, so you won’t have to waste time at the Post Office buying more stamps ever again!

 Saves you hassle

There’s no need to be a postal expert as the TFm Range all come with the most common postal rates already installed. Simply place the mail on the scales and the system will automatically set the exact postage, ensuring you never pay more than is required.

 Keep mailing lists up to date

Your Franking Machine can print your return address on every item of mail sent, ensuring undeliverable mail is returned to you and mailing lists are kept up to date.

 Up to date postage prices

Your LAN connection allows the very latest postal rates to be downloaded directly to your machine.

 Operator friendly

With large control panels, easy to read displays and programmable job settings the TFm Range of machines are easy and simple to use requiring no operator training.

 Create the right impression

Enhance your company image and increase your communication through printing custom slogans and text messages as well as high resolution graphics, logos and images for a cost-effective and simple means of promoting your business.

 Greater control of your budgets

You can control costs and postage expenses with the accounting and reporting feature, which will track postal costs for each department providing you with greater control over your mail budget.

 Maximum security

No need to worry about unauthorised use, your Franking Machine can be fully locked and PIN protected.

Why choose Twofold?

Twofold provide and support physical and digital mailroom solutions to help our customers deal with an ever increasing volume of paper and data. Our experience and wealth of knowledge in simple and efficient mailing solutions ensure you get the advice, service and support that your expert. We believe the customer comes first, which is why our experienced customer support team is always on hand, ensuring the query is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

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