Utility companies deal with millions of customers who, in an ever more competitive environment, are in some sectors able to switch supplier. Utility companies know that it is in effortless customer service, that focus and attention are needed. Often it is not just the lowest cost provider that will be a deciding factor for which Utility company is chosen. If poor customer service leads to a poor experience the customer is far more likely to be susceptible to your competitor's offers.

Twofold help Utility companies by driving out the costs and inefficiencies of handling paper manually and this reduced cost can not only be passed on to the customer but the resulting control and visibility of all documentation delivers immediate and effective increase in customer service.

Customer billing & records

One of the core competencies of a utility company is communicating with customers and billing them for the service. This typically involves having a multi-channel communication strategy and understanding incoming communication and getting it automatically routed into the correct business process. Twofolds ability to automate your understanding of written or emailed messages will allow you to cut costs and improve customer service.

Complaint, legal and compliance

Many of our Utility customers also utilise our ability to automate many of their legal, complaint and compliance processes.

Back office

Automating the processing of documents in HR and AP can also lead to significant efficiencies. Twofold are one of the worlds leading authorities on automating AP and ensuring compliance around HR documentation.

Typical benefits:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Automate the workflow and processing of documents

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