Reduce debtor days

It is important to focus on an accounts receivable solution within any organisation. Many believe that they are doing all they can to maximise rapid collection of outstanding debtors. You could see a dramatic improvement to your outstanding debtor within days with our help. Twofold can produce and distribute invoices and other documents either electronically or on paper.

Many organisations stick to a standard layout for invoices, set by their accounting system, but did you know that a simple redesign can dramatically improve its effectiveness? Twofold's software allows for rapid invoice redesign without any programming changes to the host accounting application.

Once redesigned, the invoices can be sent as a batch to email, fax or print without programming or manual selection. Our software reads the invoice and selects the fastest delivery method so that you can collect your funds quickly and easily. Even if you need to produce paper invoices, our folder inserters and franking solutions will speed up the posting stage.

You could join the plethora of users from Sage to SAP who save thousands of pounds with Twofold. Let us help you to eliminate postal costs and dramatically reduce debtor days. Contact us now.

Typical benefits include:

  • Reduced debtor days
  • No reprogramming of core system
  • Rapid deployment
  • Save up to 99% of the cost of delivery by using batch auto e-mail
  • Convert print stream into XML eInvoice for rapid payment
For information on how your Accounts Receivable department could benefit from using solutions from Twofold, please complete the contact form.

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