Human Resources

Our Human Resource team is highly skilled in automating and controlling the paperwork that most companies typically generate around HR function. If your business runs HR from a locked filing cabinet you will know the cost, effort and operational risk associated with this antiquated business practice.
Adding e-forms to your email application and scanning any legally required paper we can move all your HR processes into a secure and controlled electronic workflow.
Workflow would enhance the HR solution by enabling you to implement controls around HR documentation as well as adding the ability to notify and provide employees with a task list of actions they must perform or documents that they need to have read.

Typical workflow applications:

  • Employment Prospect/Hiring Workflow
  • Employee Leavers Workflow
  • Performance Review Workflow
  • Disciplinary / Grievance Workflow
  • Notification Workflow – could be set-up to indicate an employee's status. For instance, when an employee reaches the end of their probationary period or reaches retirement age, if medical certificates are required or due, and when disciplinary and grievance timescales expire etc.
  • Document Retention Workflow – designed to purge employee records after the legally required timescale

Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT)

As suggested above, there may be a requirement to share company policies and procedures with employees, which must be agreed by the employee (for example, a new Health and Safety procedure).

Using our DKT module, HR would be able to generate a document and all employees would be notified of its existence. When this document is viewed by the employee, it can contain buttons that will confirm the employee has read and accepted the procedure.

A report can be run to see who has not read and accepted the procedure; these employees can then be chased for their agreement.

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