Integration for Microsoft SharePoint

Use the right tool for the job. That's why you provide so many different tools to empower your workforce. If your teams collaborate on projects, all day long, in SharePoint then Twofold can help. We can deliver inbound documents directly into Sharepoint sites triggering or providing workflow to increase operational efficiency. We can also link your Sharepoint content directly to business transactions and deliver easy to use, simple to build projects focused on delivering business benefit.


Capture into Sharepoint

Kofax capture enabled BPM solutions extend SharePoint to handle any capture need, making business critical information available across the enterprise quickly and easily. Kofax captures and delivers all information types, paper and electronic, into Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.


Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint

Twofold can help you instantly capture SharePoint content and automatically connect it to the rest of your documents, information, and reports processed and historically archived in OnBase—all without any custom programming.


Ad-hoc scanning for Microsoft SharePoint

Twofold can enable your users to scan the paper documents that cross their desks the moment they're received, without leaving SharePoint.


Webparts for Microsoft SharePoint

Your staff spends most of their time working in SharePoint, yet the supporting documents, data, and reports they need to make decisions are processed and stored in OnBase. Keep your decision makers in their familiar SharePoint interface by allowing them to interact with OnBase content and automated business processes. Provide them with a complete view of all the information they need.


Site Provisioning for Microsoft SharePoint

The growth of SharePoint sites withinyour organization out of control? Are you losing track of who owns which site? Apply secure process controls to betterregulate site approval and creation. Twofold can help you reclaim control with Site Provisioning for Microsoft SharePoint and OnBase Workflow.


Integration for Microsoft Search

Why perform multiple searches when onewill do the trick? Twofold help you easily locate and access essential OnBase content without leaving your familiar Microsoft Search engine—whether SharePoint or Search Server.

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