Franking Machine postage credit

Credifon® is the simple way to re-credit your Twofold Franking Machine with postage funds. Simply call a standard National Rate Number, enter your PIN and select the value of credit.

  • Fast and simple
  • No trips to the Post Office
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No set-up charges

What is Credifon®?

A Credifon® account is a banking agreement between the customer and Credifon®. Twofold will assess with you, your postal spend and agree a minimum postage fund to be kept in your account available for download onto your Franking Machine. You can then opt to make additional postage payments to your account if you anticipate periods of high postage.

Topping up my machine

You choose an amount to keep as a minimum credit balance; we usually recommend 4 weeks postage costs. That amount will then be taken from your bank account by Direct Debit making postage funds available to download to your machine.

Once you download the postage funds onto you Franking Machine, Credifon® will request a Direct Debit from your bank account to ensure the agreed minimum credit is maintained in the system ready for the next download.

Is topping up instant?

Topping up is instant, however it takes 5 working days for the Direct Debit to replenish the funds in the holding account, so should the minimum credit amount be set too low there will not be any more funds in the account for 5 working days, which is why it is advised to choose an amount that is roughly 4 weeks postage.

Re-crediting your machine

You can re-credit your machine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No more trips to the Post Office! Twofold's latest Franking Machine range (TFm) features LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity to allow quick and easy downloads of postal credit.


All Franking Machines feature secure postage meters, which hold the funds which have been downloaded to the machine and are then used for printing postage.

Every Franking Machine install must be licensed by Royal Mail as each Franking Machine holds postage funds. The application for the license will be taken care of by Twofold as a normal part of the installation process. Should you move address in the future, you will need to ensure you let Twofold know so that we can arrange for the machine to be relicensed with the Royal Mail.

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