Handling Incoming Post

Handling incoming Post

Postal communication is still the number one preferred choice for businesses. In the UK alone, approximately 22 billion items were handled in the mail market during 2004/05 with 87% of those items being business mailings*.

Whether you're a start up, Small Medium Enterprise or Blue Chip business we all receive mail every day.

Important documents such as invoices and cheques can sometimes get damaged when manually opening the envelope, causing costly delays in payment processing. Implementing a Twofold Letter Opener or Extractor will dramatically speed up the way your mail is sorted, and help deliver your mail from the post room to your desk quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Processing your incoming mail can be a big task and is often slow and time consuming. Twofold provide solutions to scan, index, workflow, retrieve or electronically distribute these documents to print, fax and email, helping you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Increased mailroom efficiency and productivity
  • Noticeable savings in the way your mail is processed
  • Immediate access to vital company information
  • Complete auditing of document storage process
  • Ensure disaster recovery copy of documents

Equipment solutions:

Paperless Solution

* Source DMIS 2004
** Source POSTCOMM 2005

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