It has been argued that the legal industry is going through the biggest shake up ever known. Commercialisation is driving fees down, consolidation is merging fee earners into regional mega hubs and the increasing use of technology across the industry is changing how practice is performed. On top of this compliance and disclosure requirements are unrelenting and unavoidable.

Into this maelstrom, Twofold are delivering the Legal Digital Mailroom. Adapted to the nuances of each flavour of practice, our technology is built upon the Kofax platform which automates and regulates the largest law firms document ingestion in the world.

Reducing the time and cost to get documents to the correct fee earner in a timely fashion is becoming increasingly important in an ever more commercially pressured industry. Add to this the required legal and industry compliance frameworks for identification and storage of documents and all firms now recognise that the age of the box file as a single point of storage is both antiquated and increasingly a business risk.

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