Manufacturing processes are often complex, they include many staff, suppliers, and parts. As manufacturers are always pressed for time, a streamlined workflow with viable data and document management is vital.

Manufacturing problems in the Real World:

  • Team members/managers need to report to management instantly and efficiently.
  • Management is unclear about how efficient processes and teams really are.
  • Unable to quickly adapt the manufacturing process to a delay or change in the customer order.
  • Missing documents.
  • Error in manual entry.
  • Communication between departments.

Manufacturing companies deal with heaps and heaps of documentation which is often very difficult to manage manually. This can range from invoices to work orders, compliance and audit documents and quality-related files. When important documents are not dealt with correctly, it can lead to poor customer service. Having those documents in one central location is vital for modernising the business and avoiding client complaints or poor service.

Document Management System in Manufacturing Industry

A document management system and workflow automation allows you to digitalise paperwork to securely save in an organized manner for easy access. The system can easily capture, store, manage, share, and track documents. Having controlled access to task record and email notifications empower staff to deal with day-to-day responsibilities more efficiently, decision makers for approval and better communication with your customers.

Key Features

    Productivity and collaborative

      Digital Transformation solutions from Twofold Ltd
      Digital paperwork is instantly retrievable, enabling engineers, factory floor managers, accounting, and customer service departments to easily access business information through an electronic system.
      Mobile applications from Twofold Ltd
      Extensive documentation is compiled for regulators who require a secure format for searching.
      Content migration software from Twofold Ltd
      The software can easily be integrated with your CRM, ERP or any other systems to advance your existing system.
      Digital Transformation solutions from Twofold Ltd
      Recognises and restricts unauthorised access to documents. Additionally, generating guidelines to avoid information leakage and ensure customer security.
      Mobile applications from Twofold Ltd
      Complies with HIPAA, Sabanes-Oxley, GDPR and other security requirements. 
      Machine compatibility
      Has the ability to deal with cyber threats for data, documentation, and online communication.
      Scanner maintenance from Twofold Ltd
      Proves compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulatory requirements and automatically schedules for maintenance.

      IT and Future Readiness

        Digital Transformation solutions from Twofold Ltd
        A user friendly and flexible solution that works with multiple departments in the business without an entire team.
        Mobile applications from Twofold Ltd
        Save money and time on IT and hardware.
        Content migration software from Twofold Ltd
        The solution will protect against hackers, malware threats and any other illegal cyber threats to your infrastructure. The software comes with a recovery plan against natural disasters.


          With our document management system, you can automate your workflow

            Digital Transformation solutions from Twofold Ltd

            User friendly

            Docuware’s products are known for user friendliness. This accelerates the procedure for staff and administrators on new digital processes and a long-term satisfaction product they can rely on.
            Mobile applications from Twofold Ltd

            Scalability and Flexibility

            This document management system complies with businesses of any size. With the great flexibility of this cloud-based solution, you can make instant modifications to users and storage as your needs change.
            Content migration software from Twofold Ltd


            Get full control of the flow of your documents, data, and the way they are accessed. The system will ensure that all data and documents are stored securely to avoid loss and misuse.


            Process, access and manage your information anywhere, anytime and any device.

            Case study – Document Management for Manufacturing, Jura Coffee

            “It is truly unbelievable how quickly our invoices are sent out today. Practically while printing, it’s already being read by the customer – without any manual work on the part of our employees. Not only are we able to cut postage and printing costs, we are saving a huge amount of time,”

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