DocuWare deployment – cloud, on-premises, or hybrid

Deploy DocuWare in the way that benefits your organisation infrastructure: as a SaaS cloud solution, traditional on-premises, or in a hybrid model

Whether you deploy DocuWare with a SaaS solution, or on-premises, there is no compromise on the features available to you, or the user experience, as they share the same code base for complete feature parity. Both provide the same features, same user interface and same integration capabilities.

Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid

Alongside cloud and on premises, there is also the option for a hybrid solution, combining the two within your environment. An example of this could be using DocuWare in the cloud for document storage backup for a local system, or an on-premises system can use intelligent indexing in the cloud. There are many ways your organisation can benefit from integrating cloud deployment with on-premises ERP, as information moves smoothly and seamlessly, improving productivity and efficiency.

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The flexibility to deploy for any IT ecosystem

Deploy as a true multi-tenant SaaS solution

Deploy a complete document management and workflow automation solution — without worrying about application servers, storage hardware, complex middleware, lengthy IT engagements or high initial investment.

DocuWare Cloud provides maximum security, scalability and access with financial and system flexibility. Enjoy a full, zero-compromise solution and always stay up-to-date with automatic updates and backups.

Every DocuWare Cloud subscription contains complete functionality. Pricing is only based on users and storage, not features.

Deploy in your on-premises data center

If your organisation has strong IT resources of its own, it might make sense to deploy your document management and workflow automation software inside your data center with your other applications.

DocuWare supports Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases in multiple load-sharing configurations. The client is browser-based for any browser environment.

Start with the standard functionality of your server license, then add module licenses as you need additional capabilities.

Use DocuWare the way you need it

DocuWare maintains core feature parity across cloud and on-premises deployments. All document management and workflow automation capabilities are available in DocuWare Cloud and when DocuWare is delivered on-premises.

You do not sacrifice functionality when choosing between cloud or on-premises.

Core features and capabilities

DocuWare Cloud


Standard document capture through scan, import, print, full-text indexing
Enhanced document capture through email, mobile, DocuWare Forms +Additional licenses
Automatic classification and indexing with Intelligent Indexing, barcode reading, and more+Additional licenses
Data synchronization with other enterprise applications (such as ERP, CRM, HR and others)+Additional licenses
Editing (with and without changing the original document), version control, automatic association with related documents
Full searches via metadata and keywords, fully indexed text, and file structure
User and administrative access from any web browser, regardless of operating system
Access via mobile app+Additional licenses
Integration to ERP, CRM or other application via URL or API
Integration to ERP, CRM or other application via simplified, wizard-guided configuration+Additional licenses
Task management, forwarding, notifications, pending box/task list+Additional licenses
Multi-step and automated process control with DocuWare Workflow Manager+Additional licenses
DocuWare Kinetic Solutions (cloud-based, preconfigured workflows)

DocuWare Solutions

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