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Property Management document information management

Housing associations manage a huge amount of documents – often from multiple channels and in various formats. Most are using a mix of paper documents, physical filling systems, and local drives on systems to manage all business information. Not only that, but those documents can relate to communications including invoices, claims, letters, and correspondence received from residents.

Managing information this way presents various challenges:

  • Staff struggling to locate the right documents
  • Missing documents
  • Communication between departments
  • Human error in data entry
  • Reacting to tenant requests efficiently

Finance teams within property management can struggle to track invoices and get them paid on time, which can badly affect contractor and supplier relations. HR teams managing employees across departments with different levels of compliance can add complexity to an already overloaded workload. When employees and contractors need COVID-19 vaccination documentation to gain access to buildings this only makes matters worse. So managing those documents, having them in one central location that can be relied upon is essential in modernising the business to avoid complaints and fines.


Housing Disrepair claims compensation

Housing Associations and Property management companies have been under pressure in the last two years from multiple fronts. The increase in disrepair claims, the restrictions on repairs due to COVID-19, and the Governments deadline for Net Zero have all added to the backlog of work needing attention. With increased materials costs and a shortage of qualified staff to carry out repairs, rising costs have also had an impact on Housing Associations’ budgets.

Give your tenants the power to easily report any repairs needed, and set workflows in motion that record, track, and report on progress at every stage. Your clients will feel reassured, your contractors can update the progress, and your employees will save time otherwise spent chasing documents across multiple systems. All from customer self-service portals linked to DocuWare webforms that automate workflows – even integrating with your existing applications.

What can document management do for Property Management companies?

  • Improve landlord/ tenant relationships
  • Reduce tenant complaints
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Save on physical storage space
  • Automate complex workflows
  • Avoid legal issues with compliance regulations
  • Automate and simplify HR procedures

Housing disrepair compensation is costing Housing Associations millions

One London Council saw claims against them increase by 600%, and the cost was more than £3m for a single year. Most claims were for damp and roof leaks and these claims companies are contacting tenants directly to encourage them to make a claim, knowing that the councils are often too overloaded with the backlog, or don’t have the systems in place to prove otherwise, and simply pay the fines.

Property management companies run the risk of being fined if they are unable to act on resident complaints quickly, and without a way to track how the complaints were being addressed they end up losing court cases for housing disrepair claims – often as much as 50% of the rent paid during that disrepair time.

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Read the Housing Association case study now

Housing Association document management case study

Finance departments

Automate invoice approval, manage procurement, payment requests, and manage supplier payments with capture and automated workflows.

Repairs management

Allow self-service reporting of repairs, automate records and update tenants and contractors of progress at every stage.

Human Resources

Manage remote teams, internal communications, service records and COVID-19 vaccination status for building access.

The Employee Records Management solution that works from day one

Eliminate manual data entry

The only thing worse than stacks of paper is manually keying in data locked on that paper. Save space, save time and reduce data touch points.

Workflow automation

Establish automatic digital workflows to route repair requests to the appropriate department, and external contractors – with full audit trails.

Avoid costly disrepair claims

Swiftly complete housing repairs, and stay in contact with tenants to keep them informed at every stage. You’ll have a record of reporting and completion and all communication.

Clear the COVID-19 backlog

Speed up the processing of existing repairs and disrepair claims with automated workflows, take the pressure off your staff to allow them to deal with clients’ needs.

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Automate Tenant complaint handling. Improve service and user satisfaction.

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What more can DocuWare do for your business?

DocuWare document management software benefits companies like yours with a whole host of comprehensive features for digitising business processes and improving security and compliance. With Cloud services, integrations with your existing applications like email, CRM and ERP systems, along with preconfigured solutions to improve processes in days.

Capture incoming invoices with intelligent indexing, and provide a central, secure home for every invoice where all data is instantly searchable. Then leverage fast, flexible workflows to ensure complete alignment with your approval processes and integrate your existing applications with DocuWare software. Automate your accounts payable processes and free your financial departments from the constraints of paper based payment processes.

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