DocuWare for security and compliance

Ensure compliance, and implement reliable measures to protect your sensitive information with DocuWare

DocuWare offers a sophisticated digital infrastructure to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, essential for departtments such as HR and employee management. Control what happens to your documents and data and be sure that they be captured, processed and stored securely against misuse and loss.

Data storage and workflows

Digitisation with DocuWare means traceability and transparency. Logging and analysis functions give you control over document versions, changes and workflows. Tightly regulated processes protect against data loss, fraud and dead-end workflows.

Access rights

Access to documents and workflow information in DocuWare is based on a complex rights structure. Control what documents and metadata users can store, retrieve, edit, export, modify and remove from file cabinets. Encrypt sensitive data so it can’t even be accessed by a system administrator.

Disaster recovery

Even the most robust data centres can fail in the face of natural disasters. Ensure business continuity with multiple secure, redundant backups that get your team back on its feet.

Compliance support

DocuWare brings clarity to your business processes and deeply supports HIPAA, GDPR,  Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory guidelines.

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DocuWare Cloud for business continuity and data protection

DocuWare Cloud offers companies the highest availability and reliability. For on-premises applications, DocuWare Cloud deployment can support in a hybrid model as storage backup to ensure information remains available even in the case of a hardware crash.

State of the art encryption

All documents are stored with AES, the U.S. encryption standard for documents with highest secret clearance level.

Communication encryption

All traffic is sent through TLS and HTTPS, and HSTS protects cloud services against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

Data separation in the cloud

Strict, no-compromise separation between the DocuWare system and customer data, and all system admin actions are logged.

Data storage and redundancy

For DocuWare Cloud, dedicated EU and U.S. data centres mirror data three times plus store documents to an off-site data center in the same region.

DocuWare solutions

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