Provide faster, improved access to content with OnBase capture

No matter where or how content enters your organisation, OnBase captures it to provide faster, simpler, improved access to those who need it most. Beyond importing documents – from scanners, electronic locations and mobile devices – and ingesting data in a variety of ways, OnBase also automatically extracts data from incoming documents. This minimises manual data entry and speed processes from the point of ingestion.

OnBase provides these capture capabilities alongside content managementcase management and BPM capabilities – speeding business processes from beginning to end.

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Document scanning software

Digitise Paper for Better Access

Your organisation is still buried in paper. Your employees are still working at the speed of paper – a slow risky and limiting situation. You need to get it captured into a central access point for faster processes. The best bet is to turn those paper documents into electronic content. So where do you get started?

Your unique needs determine that. OnBase has an entire spectrum of capture options to meet any organisations’ needs. This includes batch scanning options, on-demand scanning options and even outsourcing options to make sure your content is centralised as quickly as possible and your resources are used as efficiently as possible.


On-Demand, Ad Hoc scanning

Fast, efficient document capture options

Not every document you receive fits into a central batch-scanning model. Whether you are looking to capture documents at a reception desk or front desk, at individual employees’ desks or by employees at a department MFP device, OnBase has many options to fit those needs.

The time it takes to walk documents from desks down to a central scanning department actually slows the processing of those documents – so get that content captured at first receipt. OnBase has direct integrations with many of shared scanning device optionssuch as ScanSnap, HP, Xerox, Kyocera and Konica Minolta. And with OnBase, indexing those documents is made easy with configurable indexing interfaces made specifically for the occasional user – even as easy as a single button.

OnBase enables users in front office registration areas to capture customer ID cards, applications, and proof of insurance at the source. Make your staff more efficient and enhance your customer service. Scan and classify directly from your current business application, reusing on-screen customer information for indexing.

And as all of these documents are being captured, these processes can take full advantage of our data capture capabilities, reducing the manual work involved and speeding the capture process even further.

High Volume batch scanning

Central and secure document imaging options for high-volume scanning

No matter where your content enters your organisation, you need to make it quickly accessible. Moreover, once you capture those documents into a central, secure electronic location like OnBase, you can free up space you would otherwise need for physical storage.

OnBase has direct integration with various scanning devices to make the batch scanning process as easy as possible. Allowing for quick capture and indexing right from the scanning device, the documents are then instantly retrievable from wherever OnBase is deployed and for all appropriate users.

Data capture software

OnBase batch scanning solutions meet the needs of your organisation

Moreover, OnBase gives you the option to allow remote offices to get the same high quantity of documents into OnBase without spending money on shipment or delaying processes because of the time it takes to transport a document to a central office location. Depending on the needs of your network and system, schedule those captured documents to upload to OnBase when it makes most sense – such as off peak hours so as not to affect the bandwidth of the system.


Automatically capture data right off of your documents with OnBase data capture software

OnBase data capture automatically classifies your important business documents, extracts and validates critical information and then updates your relevant systems, including OnBase itself.

Eliminating manual efforts around document processing can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs, by lowering labour and document handling costs
  • Accelerated business processes, through automation
  • Improved service, by ensuring employees have up-to-date, accurate information right at their fingertips


No matter what document you feed into the process, whether a typed correspondence or handwritten form, OnBase uses advanced technologies to ensure it accurately pulls all the important information you need to fuel your business, including

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR), used to extract machine-printed characters
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), used to extract hand-printed characters
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), used to determine a selection from a list of choices (i.e. checks in check boxes)
  • Barcode Recognition, used to extract data from barodes located on the document

Gaining a competitive edge with data capture software

Embracing automated data capture increases efficiencies and accelerates processes across your organisation. OnBase data capture gives your company the competitive edge you want with the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet your business needs. Data capture software can be applied across a wide variety of business processes – wherever manual document sorting or data entry is occurring in your organisation.

And OnBase data capture is flexible enough to work with your current or planned content management strategy. Plug it into another content repository or take advantage of the additional capabilities available on the OnBase platform, such as award-winning content management and case management capabilities.

Electronic Content Capture

Remove the silos from your electronic content

It’s not just paper documents that are hard to find. When your relevant business information is in electronic form, it can get scattered across file shares, email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems.

Importing your electronic documents into OnBase allows you to manage them in combination with your other important and related business content. Centralising your information allows you to have one single place where you can:

  • Securely access all of your important information
  • Route all of your related information through your business processes
  • Manage the complete cycle of corporate records

Content Import on Demand

With OnBase, your employees can capture documents as they are created. OnBase provides a number of different methods to best fit the way you work.

Data Stream Import

With OnBase, import ASCII, PCL, AFP, DJDE, PDF and XML data streams directly from the applications that generate them.

Electronic Forms

OnBase provides a configurable, easy to use electronic form creation tool to allow your organisation to replace paper forms. These forms can then be access in the most convenient way for your users – inside or outside the organisations – to quickly capture needed information.

Email and Fax Import

OnBase has a variety of ways to import emails and faxes directly from the servers or email applications, including direct integrations with specific email clients and fax servers.

SharePoint, File Shares, and FTP Sites

OnBase captures your electronic documents from file shares, SharePoint, and FTP sites, using existing metadata for indexing and classification

Mobile Content Capture

Empower employees to capture information while on the go!

As your mobile workforce is growing, more employees need to gather information while in the field as part of their everyday work.

Without mobile capture software, your workforce needs to carry paper forms and gather paper documents to physically transport back tot he office for processing. This exposes risk of losing the paper-based information and stalls processes until the information gets to the office. Employees need to be empowered with mobile capture solutions to capture content wherever they are and OnBase provides this capability, even while they are disconnected from a network.

OnBase mobile capture for business

OnBase mobile capture capabilities empower staff to collect critical information – and even capture signatures – while in the field.

With OnBase mobile capture, employees:

  • Instantly capture photos: Employees can use the built-in camera on mobile phones and tablet devices for easy upload of mobile-captured photos into OnBase. By entering information directly on their devices, staff can index and associate photos with any related content already in OnBase for better access and streamlined processing.
  • Capture documents while on the go: When using a tablet to capture photos of documents, OnBase mobile document capture can detect the edges of the document and crop the image accordingly. OnBase then flattens the image, turning a phone or tablet into a user-friendly mobile scanner.
  • Complete electronic forms and capture mobile signatures: OnBase provides easily configurable electronic forms to replace paper forms, including those needed to collect data while in the field. Forms can be surfaced on mobile devices for simple data entry, even integrating with your core business systems to auto-populate specific form fields. OnBase even empowers employees to capture signatures from customers, clients, patients, students or others directly on their mobile devices.

OnBase offers mobile capture as part of a mobile content management solution – allowing staff to capture, access and process information while on the go from a single mobile app. The OnBase mobile app is natively developed for iPad, iPhone and Android and Windows devices.

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