The Hyland Cloud is a world-class hosting architecture, custom-built for hosting OnBase

Built for hosting OnBase — an enterprise information platform — and applications like ShareBase, the cloud-based sharing application Hyland Cloud expands the power of OnBase. When OnBase is hosted in the Hyland Cloud, it provides the full functionality of the software as the on-premises version.

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Track record of success

We’ve hosted OnBase in the cloud for 13 years, making Hyland a true pioneer in the field. More than 700 companies in 26 countries trust the Hyland Cloud to safely and securely store their information. Data centres in five continents provide in-country, private cloud space with comprehensive security and disaster recovery protocols.

Currently, the Hyland Cloud stores more than 4.3 billion documents — totaling more than 1.7 petabytes of data — for our customers.

The Hyland Cloud is:

  • Private Data is never co-mingled with other organisations’ data
  • Managed Data centres retain responsibility of keeping data safe—both digitally and physically
  • Secure Strict security protocols provide superior security than most customers could provide themselves
  • Supported More than 50 credentialed Cloud Services professionals provide 24/7/365 support
  • Reliable Since the inception of our cloud, customers’ data has been available with 99.99 per cent uptime.
  • Local Complete transparency means customers choose the country in which all copies of their content is stored
  • Compliant Accommodates demanding SLAs and compliance / regulatory requirements

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