Sales Ordering Processing – automate to eliminate errors and delays

Your business needs to be organised and follow processes to ensure smooth running and communication. This includes the ordering of goods or services by customers, ensuring everyone involved is aware of the order, and that the customer is invoiced on time, do you have a reliable sales ordering processing system in place?

Your sales can come in a variety of routes, from a phone call, email or a purchase order among the options. These all need to be processed in a way that gives accessibility and improves efficiency, and that’s where Sales Order Automation using OnBase by Hyland can help your business.

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Delivering your customers an excellent experience starts with processing their orders

If your process allows ‘off line’ orders to come in by paper, email, form customer portal, EDI, XML or even Fax then you will know the problems associated with dealing with these effectively.

Many companies ‘throw’ people at the problem and have sales orders, or even worse, sales teams manually keying data into their back-end system. This is a manually intensive, boring and error prone approach and leaves your business in the dark ages compared to the current methods for automation. Typically processing orders manually will mean that you have increased costs, lower response times, be less effective dealing with exceptions, and struggle to scale with increasing or reducing demand.


A tried and tested world class platform

Twofold offer a decade of experience in automating the capture of sales orders and processing them into your accounting application. Our world class platform OnBase is used by tens of thousands of organisations across the world, so you’ll know you have a fully tested, and proven platform with the Twofold team ready to answer your questions when you have them.

When customer satisfaction is your number one priority, you depend on efficient and accurate sales processes. But when your order processing is manual and paper-based, you risk inaccurate data entry and a slow sales cycle.
OnBase speeds sales order processing by immediately capturing all incoming order documents and extracting order information. Documents and data are stored, posted to the ERP and routed to appropriate staff. With OnBase, you gain efficiency in order processing, improving customer service and ultimately speeding payment receipt.

OnBase AP Solution from Twofold Ltd

Automation of Sales order processing on a single solution

Improving your sales order processing positively impacts your entire sales-to-cash cycle and the customer relationship. Sales orders arrive by email, mail, portal, fax or EDI. They are then identified, captured, interpreted and transferred into your ERP in a fast and accurate automated process.

Eliminate your teams having to manually key and correct customer orders. The Sales Order process can now be automated, eliminating delays and cost and allowing the timely reaction to sales order issues, such as price variance, availability and replacement products.

What are the benefits of Sales Ordering Processing from Twofold Ltd?


Improved cash flow


Reduction in time to process


More staff time for customer support and issue resolution


Happier customers


Reduced sales order processing backlog


Faster order fulfilment

Empower your staff with complete control

The technology we use, Onbase by Hyland empowers your staff with control and access to all sales orders and order information regardless of format. With access to accurate order details, they can attend to customer queries immediately, resolve issues, track down orders and make any warranted changes.

With a clear view of priority and status (where it is in the process and who is handling it), you have the information you need for workload balance, as well as analyses.

You get audit trail and sales order process logs, process efficiency and vital metrics, such as time and volume, number of orders per day and time spent on each, and order backlog. You also eliminate misplaced or duplicate sales orders, while minimising late deliveries and complaints.


Process orders with real-time ERP integration

The real beauty is that the sales order process is in constant contact with all pertinent data residing in your ERP. Your staff can concentrate on auto-triggered exception workflow and customer service. An integrated and intuitive user interface will increase productivity and reduce the time needed for training.

Key features and benefits

  • Automatic collection and identification of relevant sales order data
  • Order line item capture
  • Automatic validation of price, quantity and unit of measure
  • Allows for customer-specific logic and checks
  • Increased process control and full transparency
  • Earlier identification of errors and exceptions
  • Shorter processing times
  • Lower costs in the order entry process
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to optimised sales order processing

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