Kofax Communication Server

Integrate your communications channels

The Kofax Communication Server, formerly TOPCALL Communication Server, coordinates and performs the automated exchange of information. Inbound and outbound communication channels are integrated and virtually any device or media type can be linked.

Organisations can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing and trace information for compliance purposes.

The challenge to constantly reduce costs while maintaining great customer relationships is increasingly causing pressure on companies globally. This is generally done by consolidating IT infrastructures, but how can you be sure you’re still engaging with your customers in the right way, and still remaining compliant with regulatory requirements?

The answer is Kofax Communication Server. You’ll be able to automate the exchange of information between people, departments, devices and applications when you integrate your inbound and outbound communication channels. Whichever device or media type you’re using, from MFP and phone, to email and text messaging, you can link between them all, alongside the information exchange between ERP and CRM applications and any other Kofax products, even social collaboration tools.

With seamless integration to your core systems, the communication platform enables you to accelerate and optimise your business-critical processes while streamlining your infrastructure and lowering costs.

The Kofax Communication Server is a communication solution which ensures the reliable exchange of business critical messages between devices, people and applications including:

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Reduce Administrative Costs by Consolidating Your Infrastructure

Run all administrative tasks and connect with other applications from a central point to lower expenses. Streamline your IT infrastructure of printers, scanners, fax machines, multifunctional peripherals (MFPs), with a highly reliable and scalable communication platform.

Speed Processes by Minimising Manual Intervention

Reduce manual processes and eliminate communication delays by sending and receiving fax, email, SMS, MMS and voicemail messages quickly and efficiently through your business applications.

Ensure Compliance through Communication Tracking

Meet your archiving and retention legal requirements by centrally storing all your messages by tracking all relevant communication events and the identity of anyone accessing the system according to regulatory directives.

Directive-Compliant Communication

Companies must comply with directives such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II. However, many companies have communication devices that do not archive inbound/outbound messages. The Kofax Communication Server tracks and stores all messages, as well as the identity of anyone accessing the system. It also offers different user security levels to prevent unauthorised access to information.

Your organisation can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for your customers and partners, enabling intelligent routing and tracing of information for compliance purposes.

Screen shot of Kofax Communications server in use

Organisation can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing, and trace information for compliance purposes.

Consolidated, centralised infrastructure companies are under increasing pressure to save costs by consolidating their complex IT infrastructures. Not only does The Communication Server enable companies to run all administrative tasks and connect with other applications from a central point, but it also allows companies to leverage their existing VoIP infrastructure for Fax over IP (FoIP), minimizing the total cost of ownership by completely removing fax lines and hardware without losing the traditional advantages of fax. Are you interested in other Kofax products, or need independent servicing and support of your Kofax environment? Just give us a call or send a message using our online form.

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