Kofax e-Transactions

Send and receive electronic invoices without paper

Kofax e-Transactions enables you to process all incoming invoices, whether they arrive electronically or on paper, through the same powerful Kofax Capture solution. Our e-invoicing solution streamlines invoice processing by automatically delivering process-ready data to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and invoice approval workflow systems.

Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that removes the need for printing, mailing, scanning and data entry by automating the delivery of documents via secure email. The e-Transactions module allows organisations to reduce their dependence on paper as much as possible, providing a cost-effective method to manage transactions as soon as they are generated.

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Benefits of e-Transactions

  • Reduced paper handling and data entry costs
  • Faster processing
  • Fewer exceptions
  • Ideal for e-Invoicing
  • Print digitally created documents directly

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