Kofax e-Transactions

Send and receive electronic invoices without paper

Kofax e-Transactions enables you to process all incoming invoices, whether they arrive electronically or on paper, through the same powerful Kofax Capture solution. Our e-invoicing solution streamlines invoice processing by automatically delivering process-ready data to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and invoice approval workflow systems. Take a look at some of our other Financial Process Automation tools to help you streamline your business.

Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that removes the need for printing, mailing, scanning and data entry by automating the delivery of documents via secure email. Reduce your dependence on paper, and streamline your operation as you provide a cost-effective route for transactions as soon as they are generated.

Once you have the e-Transaction module installed, you simply need to modify the print mechanism to allow electronic delivery rather than paper. This is ideal for e-Invoicing, and saves time, and errors as it reduces paper handling and manual steps.

Take a look at the range of time and money saving software solutions available from our partners Kofax and Onbase, from Robotic Process Automation, to Content Services, our consultants are here to help your business modernise and succeed.

Benefits of e-transactions

Sort and manage documents easily with Twofold Ltd

Reduce paper handling and data entry costs

Save time with letter openers from Twofold Ltd

Faster processing


Fewer exceptions

Save money with RPA from Twofold Ltd

Reduce paper handling and data entry costs


Print digitally created documents directly

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Kofax e-Transactions captures electronic invoices from suppliers, even if they are not using standard EDI formats.

As part of the Kofax Solution for Invoice Processing, Kofax e-Transactions delivers incoming electronic invoices to the Kofax Transformation Modules to ensure that all data is extracted, validated and processed in a consistent way. The complete Kofax Solution for Invoice Processing enables companies to process all incoming invoices – whether they arrive electronically or on paper – through the same powerful capture solution. It makes the invoice process simpler and more secure by automatically delivering process-ready data to ERP and invoice approval workflow systems.


Easily Handle EDI Invoices, Enable e-Invoicing for All Suppliers

Kofax e-Transactions consists of two software applications: The Sender application captures print files and imports EDI data, while the Receiver application collects all captured electronic documents and prepares them for processing by the Kofax Transformation Modules. When suppliers can provide EDI invoices like EDIFACT or X12, Kofax e-Transactions can import and convert the data into easily readable images, which are passed with the associated data to the Kofax Transformation Modules for automated processing. When suppliers cannot supply electronic invoices, Kofax e-Transactions enables them to automatically capture and send all the relevant data as simply as printing an invoice. The system extracts, digitally signs, encrypts and forwards the invoices to the recipient’s Kofax platform.


Kofax e-Transactions provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to reduce the paper processing overhead between strategic business partners.

• Integrates strategic suppliers directly into the accounts payable process
• Enhances supplier on-boarding: cost effective and easy to install
• Avoids the need for costly EDI projects to map suppliers’ ERP to your own
• Avoids transaction costs associated with value-added networks
• Leverages existing ERP investments without need for customisation
• Processes both internal and external invoices
• Provides a hybrid paper/electronic system with a single integration point to the ERP system

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