Kofax Front Office Server

Trigger back office business processes from multi-function devices and remote scanners

If you need to connect your fleet of multi-function devices to a secure and automated capture process, you need Kofax Front Office Server. Employees start processes with a few clicks at the digital copier (or multi-function device), so it really couldn’t be simpler.


This office automation solution reduces the days required to ship paper into just minutes via electronic transmission. Time spent shuffling, tracking, and filing that paper is replaced by more efficient work, leading to better morale, and time management.

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Benefits of Kofax Front Office Server

  • Speed up document business processes by capturing documents in the front office and quickly deliver them to the systems that automate business processes.
  • Empower front office employees to scan documents without training and leverage additional functionality to improve user efficiency.
  • Improve compliance efforts by tracking chain of custody from the point where a document.
  • Easily deploy a front office based document capture and routing system with centralised management.
  • Standardise on a single-vendor for document capture, collaboration and routing.
  • Extend existing Kofax Capture workflows directly to the front office user.
  • Twofold service and support

The Flexibility and Power for Information Intensive Processes

Users can process documents via the touch screen of select digital copiers/MFPs or at their PC with the Kofax Front Office Server Web Client—an easy to use, browser-based application. The thin-client provides a number of valuable document editing features, including:

  • Separation
  • Combine/Merge
  • Redaction
  • Delete Pages
  • PDF Export
  • Submit to Kofax Capture process
  • Submit to email, file or repository
Kofax front office server

Unlike document editing applications that require local installation on a local PC, the Front Office Server Web Client is hosted on the server and available through a standard web browser.

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