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Capture data on the go with Kofax

Ever since human beings first organised themselves into public and private organisations there has been a need to receive and distribute communications. Over the years, tablets were replaced by paper, and paper was replaced by email, and ironically humans are returning to the use of tablets again for mobile capture of data.

At last the final paradigm of customer connection has been passed. You now don’t need to wait for forms to be completed, documents to be sent or your field based staff to return to the office. Kofax has made the ubiquitous mobile phone into a device that can capture business grade images. Just imagine the possibilities.

Drive your business processes with simple-to-use data capture from your mobile devices


Capture from Mobile

Take images of documents from your mobile phone send the captured data directly to the server, making it easier to access and retrieve the documents from back-office or any other remote location.

Customer Onboarding

Simplify onboarding as you capture customer contracts and other documents at the point of sale using mobile devices. The data captured can be shared with back-end office applications, or office based team members.
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Claims Processing

Sharing information with insurance companies can help speed up claim processing. Prevent delays when sharing first notification of loss and simplify the claim form process.

Point of sale capture

Used mobile devices in retail stores to check stock and to scan and capture customer documents. These can then be easily and securely shared with back-end applications or document management systems.

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The benefits of mobile capture

Stay ahead with technology from Twofold Ltd

Share documents between team members across multiple locations.

Lower workloads for staff with Twofold Ltd

Manage data retrieval with simple search functions

Quality products from Twofold Ltd

Secure transfer of documents for full compliance


Increase profits with reduced operational costs

Capture documents right from your smart phone

In today’s fast-paced market, customers expect real-time answers to questions such as: What is the status of my claim or loan? Did you receive my document? When will I get a confirmation? When will my account be ready? Your colleagues may be visiting the customer or site and need to evidence documents or transmit signed contracts directly into your back office systems with a perfect image, in an automated and audited fashion.

With Kofax Mobile Capture software, field representatives or customers themselves can capture documents, photos, and audio and video files using a smartphone or tablet to initiate critical business processes at the earliest point in the process.

Capturing this information at the ‘point of origination’ from virtually anywhere, and delivering it to enterprise applications accelerates processes, minimises latency, speeds transactions, and reduces processing costs for better service.

Kofax mobile capture

Turn smartphones and tablets into advanced information-capture devices, leveraging the most robust, comprehensive mobile capture platform available. Kofax offers a wide range of document management solutions, and automation software to help your business grow, and stay ahead of the competition. From financial automation, through to onboarding of employees and customers, you’ll be able to streamline your processes, enabling your staff to work more efficiently on more human tasks.

Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage

Ease the process for your customers

Your potential customers can be put off by the prospect of having mountains of paperwork to plough through in order to get approval for loads. With multiple forms to sign, and easy to miss, but important sections which can delay the whole process. Thankfully technology and new legislation are changing both the customer experience and operational efficiency with paperless processes, digital signatures, mobile capabilities and back-office automation and compliance.

Give your customers a new and much easier process and you’ll elevate their experience, giving longer term value, and enabling greater efficiency, compliance and security – all while closing loans faster.

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