Kofax Monitor

Monitor and analyse the performance of capture systems

Kofax Monitor examines both the system components and the real-time business service viability of your capture system and provides real-time access to operational information. This revolutionary technology oversees the capture of operational throughput such as module volume, batch volume, batch processing time (end-to-end, by module, and by remote site), station license usage, and successful synchronisation of remote sites. The graphical dashboard provides both technical and non-technical personnel a picture of the Kofax system health.

Automate problem isolation and notification

Kofax Monitor is capable of identifying an error, the time it occurred, and the nature of the occurrence. When exceptions occur, Kofax Monitor provides concise information to the proper support personnel. Shifting actions from unstructured application troubleshooting to a proactive, focused problem resolution mode often prevents a problem telephone call. For a given error condition, the monitoring software can take corrective action based on predefined actions to restart or reinitialise a service or process.


Performance benchmarking

Recognising and reacting to operational issues on a real-time basis is critical to ensuring high service levels and peak performance of business critical document processing systems. Kofax Monitor enables objective, measurable compliance with service level agreements. You can determine capture operation service levels and track capture application availability and performance over time.

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Implementation and Setup

Kofax Monitor provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, graphical environment to set up and monitor your system. Predefined wizards can capture application and user events in the monitoring database, where they can be easily accessed to build additional application monitors or fine-tune existing ones. Kofax Monitor is a Microsoft.NET-based application that runs on a Windows Web Server platform and supports both SQL Server and Oracle® database.


Real-Time, Business Activity Management

Kofax Monitor examines both the technical components and the business service viability of your Kofax systems, and provides real-time access to and assessment of operational information. The graphical “dashboard” gives both technical and non-technical personnel a clear picture of the system’s health. You can monitor Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax Capture modules, Kofax Capture Network Server, Kofax Transformation and Kofax Capture batch and remote processes, KFS services, KCS message links, KCS application status, backup servers and disaster recovery sites — all while reducing the IT resources needed for the care, feeding and watching of these critical enterprise business systems. User access is via a standard desktop browser, tablet computer or smartphone running on Windows, iOS or Android.

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