Multi-channel document mailroom automation

Outsourced mail – print, send, track, and automate mail processes

Almost every organisation will have a mailroom that handles the outgoing post for the business. With employees manually completing documents, filling envelopes, and sending them to your mailroom to post there must be a more efficient way to ensure compliance and secure posting of your customer communications.

With more employees working remotely how do you effectively manage your mail delivery? Can you be sure that all outbound communications are produced to company standards, and that you are fully compliant with data security regulations and without risk of data breaches?

Take the hassle out of outgoing mail management, and centralise everything with hybrid mail delivery. With just the click of a button, you can have your documents printed and posted, or have them sent digitally to your customers. Physical post is delivered by Royal Mail, and you get full analytics and tracking whether it’s a letter in the post or an email, and every step of the process from click to delivery is fully auditable.

The hybrid mail solution

With Twofold’s outbound document management solution, you can automate your customer communication workflow. Send your documents via any channel across print, and digital – and have full visibility of mail volumes, document processing stages, and incorporate automated approval processes to streamline your processes from anywhere, and reduce human error. Centralise all of your communications, gain visibility and control, and increase efficiency with software either locally, or in the cloud, configured to meet your specific business needs and processes.

Home or remote workers icon

Remote / Onsite

Gain the flexibility to send communications through multiple channels – print, digital, and outsource. The intuitive, SaaS-based platform is ideal for organisations with on-site and remote workforces.

batch or single post hybrid mail

Batch or single letter

Free up employee time by automating the mail prep process. Reduce the prep time of one, ten, or thousands of documents to just a few clicks.

print or mobile mail delivery icon

Printed or Digital

With the hybrid mail solution employees can prepare, print, sort, stuff, meter, as well as deliver the mail to the post office or send communications through digital channels without leaving their desk.

inhouse or outsource mail delivery

Inhouse or outsource

Users simply prepare documents and send them for processing to their mail production center, a secure outsourced mailing facility, or directly to a customer’s preferred digital channel.

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What are the benefits of a multichannel mailroom automation platform?

digital first communication from Twofold Ltd

Digital First

Another automation step in your digital transformation
Support remote and home workers with document management from Twofold Ltd

Support remote working

Enable home and remote workers
Meet customer demands with document management from Twofold Ltd

Meet customer demands

Meet customer expectations and needs
Employee satisfaction with remote access from Twofold Ltd

Employee satisfaction

Fewer labourious manual tasks
Responsive to business changes with software solutions from Twofold Ltd


React quickly to customer demands, changing working practices
Remain compliant and avoid human error with Twofold Ltd


Reduce the risk of information breaches due to simple human error
communicate the way your customer prefers with Twofold Ltd


Replace outdated costly manual processes in communications production

How does hybrid mail work?

The mail management system can be broken down into sections – automate, dispatch, distribute – and everything can be managed from the user-friendly portal. Your employees simply create documents using preapproved templates, these are then sent, and either sent digitally, or printed, folded and inserted, and delivered from a secure site. Your employees can very simply prepare and process mail in just a few clicks – from anywhere. No need to invest in machines, maintenance, or worry about breakdowns, and no need for rooms full of mailing machinery – just click and send and leave the rest to us.


Take your manual, time consuming tasks and automate them – from the creation, distribution and output of your outbound documents. This could be invoices, statements, or any type of letter. By automating your process steps with intelligent workflows that manage the process steps for document creation and delivery you reduce human error and increase productivity.



The challenges of the last year have resulted in most businesses adapting to allow staff to work from home, and the dispatch software helps to simplify some of those tasks by centralising your customer communication from multiple locations. Simply prepare outgoing documents, adding personalised, targeted messaging from the desktop, and send them to be handled by your mail production centre or via your mail web portal.



Send out physical or digital mail to your customers right from your desk. Remove the hassle from sending your outbound mail by simply outsourcing the distribution to our hybrid mail solution. Increase employee productivity, and adapt to changing employee and business needs with a muklti-channel document delivery solution.



Let your customers manage the access to past communication and your business updates with an easy-to-use branded web portal. Take the strain from your customer service staff as your customers can access documents on demand via a secure web portal. Give them the advantage of instant access, prevent frustration, and allow your teams to work on other tasks instead of document retrieval and sending.


The benefits of a hybrid mail

Hybrid mail, or an outsourced mail solution that enables you to process multi-channel delivery, lets you communicate with your customers in a way that traditional mail cannot. By centralising your mail, allowing templated documents to be created from remote locations with personalised targeted content that arrive in the format the customer prefers, you can completely modernise your mail delivery processes. Your employees manage business rules, approvals, view delivery stages and prep all outgoing documents easily from their computer via a user friendly interface of a SaaS application. A security certified mail production facility handles the printing, sorting, envelope inserting, franking and delivery to the post office – or digital delivery if required.

With many businesses adjusting to the needs for remote working, how to manage everyday mail has been a challenge, but thankfully it’s a challenge that can easily be met by a comprehensive centralised multi-channel document delivery system. Allow your high value staff the freedom from mundane, low value tasks – automate document creation, standardise branding and speed up processes with templated layouts.

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Folding, inserting, franking, and sending – the heart of your mailroom

If outsourcing your post isn’t for you, don’t worry, as we supply a whole range of mailroom equipment to make mailing easy. From franking machines that sit on your desktop, to fully integrated folder inserters capable of multiple insertions, with the ability to personalise post with variable data. If you need consumables, such as inks, or envelopes that are fully compatible with your machines, take a look at our online shop and order from your desk.

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Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital world led by online giants like Amazon and Google, many businesses are looking to embrace a move into digital. Thankfully there are a range of digital transformation solutions from Twofold that can help ease this transition and saving you time and money.

Outbound Document Management

With ODM you can manage outbound communication with customers, enabling you to quickly and simply create personalised communication. You’ll be able to simplify and centralise the preparation of all your customer communications for your folder inserters.

Kofax RPA

Kofax RPA is the world’s leading process automation software solution, unique in its ability to give business users the ability to build a suite of applications without any scripting or programming skills.

Document Scanning

The latest in scanning technology and functionality enables you to do so much more than just capture an image. Documents can be automatically identified, scanned or digitised, then passed back through as an electronic document to follow the same route as an email, fax or e-form.

Kofax Total Agility

As a Diamond partner of Kofax, Twofold have invested in the skills required to implement and support your Kofax environment. TotalAgility is easy-to-use for modelling, design, analysis, simulation and testing of processes.


Whether your software is run locally or deployed in the cloud, Twofold has the ability to link to over 500 back end applications either with certified connectors, standard interface methodologies.

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