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Investment in high-quality customer communication is key to repeat business

Customer satisfaction and repeat business is important to your organisation, and an investment in a modern digital mailroom for effective customer communication is key to your success. Tough competition, faster time to market, changing demographics and new consumer preferences – these all demand an increased focus on strategies for winning new, and retaining customers. Multi-channel communication can improve the customer experience and increase sales efficiency.

A typical example would be to offer your customers a variety of ways to get in touch and then communicate back to them using their chosen communication channel.

In an increasingly mobile world where consumers needs can be met almost instantly, an investment in memorable customer experiences will set you apart from your competition.

Benefits of improved customer communication

Collate documents with machines from Twofold Ltd

You are always consistent

Whether inbound communication or outbound, customers will enjoy consistent seamless communication with you.
Enhanced productivity with digital transformation from Twofold Ltd

You are able to adapt

Customers can change communication channels at any time, such as switching between email and telephone without fear of a breakdown in communication.

You keep up with change

With around 50% of worldwide internet traffic taking place on mobile devices, you can effectively future proof your customer communication channels.

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Customer communication solutions available

Kofax Mobile

We live in an increasingly mobile first world with over half of internet traffic taking place across mobile devices.  The convenience of mobile devices for customer communication can be fully realised with Kofax Mobile which harnesses the intelligent data capture capabilities of your mobile devices.


Business Solutions

We have business solutions for a wide range of industries to help you compete and thrive. From e-Forms for client onboarding, email and text handling, to a company wide installation to ensure that personalised documents are delivered to the right person at the right time, through their preferred channel


SignDoc and eSignature Verification

The process of printing documents to sign and then re-scan is laborious, wasteful and out-dated. SignDoc solves this problem and allows you to offer a modern convenience to your customers.

Document fraud is a growing issue and combating it requires a combination of due diligence and secure communication channels to minimise risks. This is why we offer SignDoc complete with E-signature Verification – helping to keep your communications both private and secure.



Ensuring that your mail is sorted, collated and sent to the correct destination is vital, especially when a mistake can lead to fines for non-compliancy. Fortunately Outbound Document Management (ODM) can handle all of this for you, ensuring that your organisation remains both efficient and compliant.


Data Automation

Scan your incoming documents automatically with key information intelligently extracted into searchable databases for immediate availability throughout your organisation.

Customer Communication

Customer satisfaction and repeat business is important, and an investment in high quality customer communication is key. Offer your customers a variety of ways to communicate using their chosen channel.


Your organisation relies on established workflows to keep your business moving and your data processes understood by everyone. Don’t let yours become outdated as your company grows.

Enterprise Content Management

Imagine if all of your incoming documents could be automatically scanned, with key data intelligently extracted and stored in a searchable CRM database. This is just a part of what ECM can do for your business.


Get the most out of your communication handling, optimise your outgoing communications to respond to incoming communications at the same rate they arrive and in the same format – paper or digital.


Managing your inbound communication is not only appreciated by customers but also expected in an increasingly mobile focussed world. Collect, sort and distribute your incoming communication.

Business Intelligence

If your business is looking to improve decision making, reduce costs and maximise efficiency, then an investment in business intelligence is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement.

Data Capture

Automated data capture enables you to streamline the identification and distribution of your incoming media, freeing up valuable time and money that could be better invested elsewhere in your organisation.

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