Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Do you have easy access to all your stored data?

Imagine if all of your incoming documents could be automatically scanned, with key data intelligently extracted and stored in a searchable CRM database.

Now take it a step further and imagine that this data could be searched in context, allowing you to quickly isolate patterns within large data sets such as bank details or invoice numbers. This is the reality of how our enterprise content management system can transform your businesses handling of information.

All the while, your information is securely stored, accessible only to those you permit to view it. And you can access that information from anywhere in the world, from the application or device you use the most, because ECM from OnBase integrates easily with your other business systems, applications and mobile devices.

What are the benefits of Enterprise Content Management?


You become more efficient

Your incoming document information is stored in a way that can be quickly located thanks to a CRM system that places documents in context.
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You remain compliant

Stored data is automatically monitored for potential violations of global compliancy regulations, such as sensitive personal information still being illegally held on record following changes to the law.
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You can adapt

From salary management to automated reporting and approval systems, our enterprise content management solution can be adapted to multiple systems and purposes.

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Enterprise content management solutions available


Enterprise content management, also referred to as Content Services is provided by OnBase by Hyland, and Twofold are authorised system integrators of this Software. This ECM suite is very comprehensive, modular by design, allowing you to select only the functionality you need when you need it, growing with your enterprise whenever you’re ready to take the next step.

Industry wide solutions

Every industry has different content management needs, which is why our Enterprise Content Management solutions are designed to suit the needs of a range of different industries including financial services, public sector, retail, legal and insurance. Taqke a look at how you can improve your customer and employee onboarding experience with our software solutions.


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Imagine if all of your incoming documents could be automatically scanned, with key data intelligently extracted and stored in a searchable CRM database. This is just a part of what ECM can do for your business.Read More »


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