Outbound Communication Solutions

Are you communicating with your customers in the right way?

To get the most out of improving your incoming communication handling, you should also be placing focus on optimising your outgoing communications. A typical example would be ensuring that your company can respond to incoming communications at the same rate they arrive and in the same format – such as responding to a text with a text.

This kind of omnidirectional communication is not only appreciated by customers, but also expected in an increasingly mobile focused world, and vital for improving your outbound communication. To find out more about delighting your customers, and improving your employee onboarding with intelligent communication, read about our outsourced mail delivery solution, and our software solutions from OnBase and Kofax.

What are the benefits of improving outbound communications?

Increase speed and efficiency with RPA from Twofold Ltd

You get things done faster

Omni-channel communications allow all systems and channels to be updated at the same time at the speed of thought.
Quality products from Twofold Ltd

You stay compliant

Communications are sent to the correct recipients, reducing the risks of violating global compliancy regulations such as data protection.

You build relationships

Customers appreciate the convenience of flexible and timely communication and you will be remembered for putting their preferences first.

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Outbound communication solutions available

Outsourced mail delivery – Simply create your documents from your PC using predefined templates, send them to be delivered automatically by electronic or physical mail.

Mailroom equipment

Your outbound communications can be vastly improved via a combination of mailroom equipment solutions. These include:

  • Folder inserters – Cut down on the laborious task of folding and inserting documents into envelopes with the help of a folder inserter machine from Twofold Ltd.
  • Franking machines – Save time and money by automating your post and prepaying for your postage with a Twofold Ltd Franking Machine.
  • Address printers – Whether you are printing standard addresses or adding your own branding for that all important wow factor an address printer from Twofold Ltd is vital for improving your outbound communication.

Data Automation

Scan your incoming documents automatically with key information intelligently extracted into searchable databases for immediate availability throughout your organisation.

Customer Communication

Customer satisfaction and repeat business is important, and an investment in high quality customer communication is key. Offer your customers a variety of ways to communicate using their chosen channel.


Your organisation relies on established workflows to keep your business moving and your data processes understood by everyone. Don’t let yours become outdated as your company grows.

Enterprise Content Management

Imagine if all of your incoming documents could be automatically scanned, with key data intelligently extracted and stored in a searchable CRM database. This is just a part of what ECM can do for your business.


Get the most out of your communication handling, optimise your outgoing communications to respond to incoming communications at the same rate they arrive and in the same format – paper or digital.


Managing your inbound communication is not only appreciated by customers but also expected in an increasingly mobile focussed world. Collect, sort and distribute your incoming communication.

Business Intelligence

If your business is looking to improve decision making, reduce costs and maximise efficiency, then an investment in business intelligence is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement.

Data Capture

Automated data capture enables you to streamline the identification and distribution of your incoming media, freeing up valuable time and money that could be better invested elsewhere in your organisation.

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