Why Document Management

“We have reduced the consumption of paper significantly. The ROI was realised after just nine months, resulting in savings of just over £500k in the first full year following implementation.”

–  A Greener Goldsmith Williams

On average, office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Apply this statistic to an organisation of 100 plus employees, and you quickly begin to appreciate the volume of documents moving through organisations.

Automating the capture, flow of information via a centralised document management solution could translate to huge savings.

Let documents fuel your business growth with Twofold Document Management Solutions

We understand that businesses who can control information today have a great business advantage. We offer document management solutions that allow you to centralise the management of business-critical documents. We choose a solution that best fits your requirements.

Our Partners

DocuWare is an award-winning document management platform. Recognised by Gartner, Nucleus and other leading analyst firms as best-fit document management and workflow solution for teams and organisations of any size.

We partner with Kofax – leader in process automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to get information from documents to the right people or right processes.

Twofold has expertise in bringing the two solutions together to automate any business process in your organisation such as HR documents processing, Invoice Automation, Records and Compliance management.

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Drive business efficiency and enable information sharing.

Business benefits of Document Management

  • IDC revealed that document challenges account for 21.3 per cent of productivity loss. Employees often can’t find the right documents at the right time or can’t access the document due to time or location barrier. All of these add ups to a significant loss in productivity.
  • Get better control of sensitive information with one central repository of all critical business documents. Enable need-based, secure access to information and maintain a complete audit trail for auditors and management reporting.
  • Save cost by eliminating time spent in filing, looking for and retrieving documents. Right index categories ensure you can retrieve documents quickly for e-discovery, subject access requests or further processing.
  • Meet tight SLA’s and response times with a more agile information management platform.


What are the IT requirements for using the Document Management Software?

The Docuware document management system is completely cloud based, hence least disruption for IT team. We also provide admin and user training to get you started in no time.

How is the software licensed?

The software is liecensed on the basis of number of users and number of images you process through the system

We use SAP/Oracle – Would we still need to manually upload the documents into the ERP?

No, Your documents are indexed with information on the documents or business rules set by you. These documents could be directed straight into external systems based on defined business rules.

What are the IT requirements for using a Document Management Software?

The Docuware document management system is entirely cloud-based, hence least disruption for IT team. We also provide admin and user training to get you started in no time.

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