Important Royal Mail Update – all old style franking machines need to be upgraded to MailMark

Important changes to meter products – Royal Mail is retiring crown die franking

In order to improve their operational efficiencies, Royal Mail is replacing the traditional crown die indicia with the machine-readable bar code system ‘MailMark’. This means that they will be removing the option to use these older machines for your franking, and Royal Mail will only accept franked mail from customers who use a Mailmark Franking machine.


How can I tell if I have an out-of-date Franking machine?

It’s easy to find out, all you need to do is take a look at your franked mail. If you have the crown die indicia, you need to get in touch to upgrade.

Old style crown die

Crown and die indicia franking

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New MailMark 2D Barcode

Mailmark 2d barcode franking from Twofold Ltd

What does this mean for your existing franking?

If you have a non-mailmark franking machine you’ll need to upgrade to a new machine. These newer MailMark machines offer additional benefits for your post, further reducing postage costs over traditional franked mail.

If you have already upgraded to a MailMark franking machine, you don’t need to do anything, you’re up to date, and already taking full advantage of the savings MailMark offers.

If you need to upgrade, just get in touch with us and we can advise on the best machine to replace your old one, and make sure you have a smooth transition before Royal Mail remove the old system.

Mailmark® means … more from your mail

Some of the benefits of Mailmark for your business are:

  • Great value for money with postage savings
  • Visibility of where your mail is in the supply chain
  • You’ll know if there are any problems
  • Insightful reporting
  • More professional and modern image helps to add customer value
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Did you know we also supply envelopes?

If you have a Franking Machine, then you’ll be using envelopes, and you’ll need them to be machine compatible, consistent, and you’ll want them at the best price. The envelope team at Twofold are here to help you get the best envelopes and at the price you want. To find out about the range of secure, overprinted and window envelopes available, just call to speak to them and start making savings today.

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