TFf-40 Paper Folder

The TFf-40 Paper Folder is an entry level A4 model, designed to save space, while offering the same efficient paper folding as the larger models.

TFf-40 paper folder from Twofold Ltd

The TFf-40 Paper Folder

The Twofold TFf-40 is a high-tech premium product for A4 paper office use.

We are proud to introduce TFf-40 to the world markets – designed specifically to handle A4 and A5 paper folding, while saving on space in your office.

Specification for the TFf-40 Paper Folder

Paper sizesMax. A4 - Min. A5
Speed80 sheets per minute
Sheet capacity150 sheets 80gsm
Paper weight70 - 120gsm
Dimensions300 / 265 / 365mm

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