Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Scanner

The latest addition to Fujitsu’s award winning ScanSnap range, the iX100, is a mobile document scanner like no other. With full iOS and android compatibility, scanning documents on the move has never been easier. The iX100 is the most mobile scanner released in the ScanSnap range to date, with the ability to scan documents without any wires or a computer.

The mobility of the iX100 is unrivalled in the scanning market, hosting a range of features which transform the idea of a totally mobile document scanner into a reality:
  • Scan to wireless devices via Wi-Fi – the iX100 is able to connect to a laptop through a network, or provide a point of access for smart devices, and remembers regularly visited networks.
  • The Li-ion battery gives up to 260 continuous scans from a single charge – that’s over 20 minutes of non-stop scanning.
  • On board GI processor optimises the images before they leave the scanner, which means that your smart device is free to process the images as quickly as possible
  • Weighing in at just 400g, the iX100 is light and easy to carry around with you
  • Offers a ‘straight through’ paper path for cards or licences, and a ‘U-turn’ for more space-efficient desktop scanning. Fujitsu’s multi-feed feature allows iX100 users to scan multiple cards or receipts in at the same time and recognise that they’re different documents.
Scanning with the iX100 is incredibly simple – you just choose scan quality and settings on your iOS or Android device, feed in your documents, and the iX100 will send your digital copies straight to your phone. With a 3 month Evernote premium licence, the iX100 offers unbelievable value for money.
Fujitsu-ScanSnap-iX100 product image
A note from Fujitsu…
The new, completely wireless, rechargeable mobile scanner
Incredibly fast and completely mobile, the portable ScanSnap iX100 makes document capture quicker and easier in the office, at home or on the go. It comes in a compact and lightweight format that additionally packs an A4 document feeder, GI processor for enhanced capture and Wi-Fi or USB connectivity to share and sync your documents anytime, anywhere.
The iX100 offers a wealth of functions to unleash productivity in a robust casing weighing just 400g that will sit unobtrusively with your other devices. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can deliver 260 scans* on a single full charge.
Productive in the office, agile on the move, organised at home
The iX100 is an ideal solution for anyone who has a need to capture documents on an ad hoc or regular basis in a range of environments and then either store locally or distribute to a colleague, workflow, cloud service or application. Whether you have business cards, receipts, bank statements, contracts, courier delivery slips, written notes, newspaper clippings, postcards or even A3 documents the iX100 can comfortably cope with a wealth of material. Instantly digitise at the touch of a button and increase the efficiency of your everyday routines.
The iX100 is perfectly suited to scanning in any environment due to its built in Wi-Fi capability. You only need to set it up once after which any regularly visited network will be detected automatically so that you can seamlessly switch between home access points, secure office networks and direct connection modes.
  • At the office: connect to and scan using the secured Wi-Fi network
  • On the train, in the car, in the airport lounge: you can connect and scan via public Wi-Fi or to iOS or Android devices using the downloadable ScanSnap Connect App.
  • Remote workers or families can connect via the home router or use the direct connect mode if preferred
  • Where wireless connection is not permitted, such as on an aircraft, the iX100 can scan via a USB connection.
Document scanning made easy, unleash your productive side
The iX100 has been designed with the user in mind taking into account space and time constraints as well as the desire for instant access and availability of information.
There is a choice of document paths with the iX100: choose the straight paper path for scanning thicker items such as postcards, business cards and other card items (up to 209 g/m²). Pick the U-turn path for the capture of documents up to 80 g/m² and in instances when space may be cluttered or at a premium.
Should you have business cards, receipts and double sided documents, a handy Continuous Document Feeding mode allows you to insert pages one after another by detecting when an item enters and exits the iX100 and creating single page images accordingly.
Another time saving mechanism should you have multiple small documents to scan is the ability of the iX100 to simultaneously scan two or more small items (Dual Scan) such as business cards or receipts, just have a 10mm gap between them. The displayed separated images will be automatically rotated, deskewed and cropped regardless of how the original documents entered the scanner’s feeder.
If you have documents larger than A4 then these can be scanned without any additional effort through the intuitive ‘Auto Stitching’ feature. Any A3 size document that has graphical elements spread across both halves can be folded in half and both sides can then be scanned one after the other. Either ScanSnap Manager will automatically detect the adjoining pattern during scanning or after scanning ScanSnap Organizer software will allow for manual matching should for example your A3 document be text based.
Should you have fragile documents or photos then they can also be scanned using an optional carrier sheet that can offer extra protection.
Additional automated image correction and enhancement functions include blank page deletion and colour detection. These are further features of the iX100 designed to create the best scan, first time and to minimise user intervention before, during and after the scan process.
Choose from a host of software facilitated ‘scan to‘ destinations 
After you have captured the scanned image ScanSnap Manager software pops up the Quick Menu which is perfect for both the novice or experienced user. Here you can simply choose what to do with your generated scanned data:
  • Scan and create editable Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files by using the included ABBYY FineReader software. You now no longer need to spend time re-typing a text document or spreadsheet, simply scan and convert directly into your favourite office applications.
  • Automatically create searchable PDF files making your scanned data far easier to retrieve and manage
  • For efficient and productive work routines scan directly to a printer, email address or folder
  • With the bundled CardMinder efficiently organise your business cards whether it is a single card from a recent meeting or a stack of cards gathered at a trade show. Simply scan and let the OCR software capture pre-determined information which you can then readily transfer to Excel® or Outlook®
  • Capture, access, share and sync your scanned data anywhere and anytime via your cloud accounts such as Salesforce Chatter, Evernote, SugarSync and DropBox
  • Easily index, store and retrieve your documents by scanning and feeding directly into Microsoft® SharePoint (Win OS only)

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Speed Per minute12
Paper sizesA8 - A3 with carrier
Colour ModeColour, Greyscale, Black & White
Scanner modeSimple
Daily capacity75
Feeder capacityN/A
InterfaceUSB or Wi-Fi
DriversScanSnap Manager

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