CabinetScan AXIS-CXi X-Ray Scanning

The AXIS-CXi X-Ray cabinet is the perfect one-size-fits-all system for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband. This mobile unit can be located in any building, and had a professional and smart modern look that won’t look out of place in reception area, mailrooms, or hotels.

The AXIS-CXi security scanning cabinet is the only cabinet based screening system with aviation standard Materials Discrimination capability.


AXIS™ CXi x-ray cabinet scanner from Twofold Ltd

AXIS-CXi X-ray System

Screening mail, parcels, and baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband is easy with your new AXIS-CXi x-ray system.
Designed to fit neatly where space is at a premium the CXi offers a large inspection chamber and imaging area – whilst retaining a small footprint.

It is a mobile unit suitable for applications such as:

• Building Entrances
• Mail Rooms
• Reception Areas
• Hotel Lobbies
• Goods In
• Executive Mail Screening
• Loss Prevention
• Contraband Detection

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Machine specification for the AXIS-CXi X-Ray cabinet

Dimensions1480 x 780 x 800mm (HxWxD)
Chamber Size580 x 498 x 688mm (HxWxD)
Viewable area462 x 555mm
Image resolution1458 x 1152 pixels
Standard display22” LCD touchscreen
Wire resolution40 AWG
Steel penetration14mm
Beam orientationVertical, downwards
Nominal anode voltage90kV
Nominal anode current1mA
Operating temperature0oC to 40oC
Storage temperature-15oC to +50oC
Relative humidity85% non-condensing
RadiationLess than 0.5µSv/h
SafetyIRR17 compliant, conforms with Ionising Radiation Regulations, 2017 (UK)
Complies with applicable international health and safety regulations.
Media safeYes
Software featuresImage panning, background artefact removal.
Advanced powder detection (APD).
Automatic image archiving.
True materials discrimination (organic, metals and inorganic).

What are the benefits?

high quality x-ray images

High quality images

large inspection chamber x-ray cabinet

Large inspection chamber

Small footprint x-ray cabinet from Twofold Ltd

Small footprint

diferentiate between materials in x-ray display

Differentiate between materials

Take a closer look at the AXIS-CXi X-Ray cabinet

Find out more about the AXIS-Cxi X-ray cabinet

The new cabinet-based AXIS-CXi X-ray scanning unit is a huge leap forward in cabinet scanning technology. Whereas the traditional cabinet scanners show images in blacks and greys, with limited differentiation between types of contents, the AXIS-CXi displays the scanned items in bold bright colour. These colours are split between orange, blue, green and greyscale – orange to show organic materials (explosives, dangerous chemicals, drugs, food, etc), and blue to highlight metals (primarily to alert you to the presence of weapons such as guns, knives, blades and potential IED components), greens show up for inorganic materials like those found in homemade explosives, and the greyscale overlay is used to form the shapes and form the objects to assist in the identification of objects. This type of modern technology is usually restricted to airport baggage conveyor scanners – the AXIS-CXi is the only cabinet scanner on the market with this amount of colour detail in the display.

These colours, and the easy to read display, mean that very little training is needed to identify potential risk from incoming or outgoing mail, baggage, or luggage.

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