Spectrum 180180 X-Ray Machine

Spectrum 180180 X-Ray Machine

The Spectrum 180180, is an x-ray inspection system with a high level of performance, greater sharpness and image quality. It has been specially designed to meet the needs and applications of airports, customs services, transportation services, carriers, transportation operations or in any other environment where high security and complete screening is required.

spectrum180180 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Spectrum 180180

  • High image quality with resolution of 36AWG and steel penetration of 48mm (SV) and 70mm (DV).
  • Equipment that does not require protection radiological, complying with all international standards requirements for health and safety standards both for operators as well as for the public.
  • Automatic detection and alarm for drugs and explosives.
  • Random projection of dummy images of threat objects, to train the operator skills (TIP).
  • Continuous or local zoom functions for easy and accurate image evaluation.
  • Enables the export of images in commercial format of the type JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP for memory devices (USB) he ergonomic and simple keyboard operation interface provide efficiency and ease for the operator.
  • Custom hardware and software to meet customer demands
Spectrum_7560 x ray machine

Excellent picture quality
Organic materials shown in orange, metal material shown in blue, and a mixture of them shown in green.

spectrum180180 x ray machine from Twofold Ltd

Machine specification for Spectrum 180180 X-Ray Machine

Tunnel size1550 mm (W) / 1805 mm (H)t
Conveyor speed0.20 m/s (Configurable)
Conveyor height340mm
Max load3000kg
standard generator200 kV (Configurable)
Wire resolution36 AWG
Steel penetration49 mm
Display monitorLCD, colour, high-resolution (Configurable size)
CoolingInsulating oil with forced air cooling
Beam directionDiagonally upward

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