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featured disrepair cost

Disrepair claims costs for Housing Associations

Housing disrepair costs in the millions for landlords Housing Associations, Buildings Management companies and local councils have been targeted by ‘PPI style’ legal firms over the last two years, and the impact of landlords unable to carry out housing repairs during lockdown has only exacerbated the situation. The new legislation (Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation)…


Digitisation for housing associations from Twofold Ltd

Digitisation for housing associations

Communicating with customers The Housing management sector has had more than its fair share of challenges over the last few years. The government’s target for Net Zero by 2050 added retrofitting to the list of normal repairs for aging stock – while the last two years of COVID-19 related backlog has meant there has been…


user friendly software blog

What makes Software user-friendly?

What makes Software user-friendly? User friendly is a term often used in relation to gadgets, software, home appliances …in fact pretty much anything when the product team feel the need to relieve the buyer of any anxiety over information overload. Unfortunately, the overuse of the term has rendered it almost useless, it’s become no more…


Simplify Covid documentation for HR departments

Simplify Vaccination & Testing Management

COVID Vaccination management for HR When it comes to managing the changing needs of a modern workforce, your HR department is on the frontline. Onboarding new remote workers, arranging travel with ever-changing quarantine rules, and managing documents securely to comply with the latest regulations – these are just a few ways in which HR challenges…


Documotive vs Docuware

Documotive vs DocuWare Were you using Documotive to manage your documents? It’s time to explore a cloud-native solution that fits your requirements from housing repair requests through to invoice processing – rather than a boxed solution that treats all housing associations and property management teams alike, with support to help when you need it. What…


paperless office with digital document management

Moving to digital? Reasons to go paperless

Reasons to join the digital revolution Moving your processes to a more digital, automated process has many advantages, and it would be easy to just accept this without question. At Twofold we are paper and data management specialists, working with businesses to manage processes in the most practical and efficient way. This means that we…


five top complaints from tenants

Top Five complaints from tenants in rented accommodation

Top Five tenant complaints In recent years it’s become a lot harder for people to get onto the housing ladder, with most young people and couples renting properties. With so many renting there is often the image of the wealthy landlord sitting back while their property simply makes them their money. The reality is not…


could your business thrive from Covid 19?

Business opportunities during lockdown

Unexpected business successes during the COVID19 lockdown? The year 2020 will go down in history as … pretty awful … and it’s had an impact on everyone from the smallest self-employed business to the biggest multinational companies. It’s unclear when this will change, and it’s very hard to plan ahead, but despite all the doom…


Document management software solutions from Twofold Ltd

Why should I care about Document Management Software?

Information management simplified Some businesses can become complacent, and the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality can prevent, or at least delay the adoption of a document management solution. So why is it so important to have one in place? Simply put, a document management system will streamline, simplify, and improve your existing…


the right componemnts for a document management system Twofold Ltd

Components of a successful document management strategy

Find success with the right strategy Collect, capture, process, and deliver Your business depends upon data, and that data can come in any form, from any channel. Unless you effectively manage that data, your business won’t be able to grow as you struggle to keep on top of an increasing number of documents. You need…


improve claims processing for insurance companies - Twofold Ltd blog

Digital document management solutions for insurance companies

Improve claims processing and customer satisfaction The insurance industry relies on document management to communicate with customers efficiently. Clients submit claims in a range of methods and formats, and you need to be able to process them all swiftly however they arrive. While PDF files are undeniably the standard for document submission, your customers expect…


Prepare your HR department for unexpected events

Is your business prepared for unexpected events?

A lack of preparation for unexpected events can have a major impact on a business in a short space of time Over the last few weeks the news has been dominated by the growing number of people infected with the Coronavirus. Amongst the rumours, misinformation and fear being spread about the virus itself, there have…


is document management still relevant

Is document management still relevant?

Is document management still relevant? Document management is a mature technology and has been around since the 1980s. However, its significance remains high on the business agenda, especially for functional heads who deal with paper-heavy processes. Best examples of these processes are accounts payable, complaints handling, contract management, and HR onboarding. According to recent research…


Where to start with document management -ask Twofold Ltd

Document Management System – Where to get started?

Why Document Management? A digital document management system is a centralised library of all business documents and transaction. Businesses storing documents in shared drives, local PC’s, non- enterprise cloud-based solutions such as dropbox or worst still as paper archives will all relate to the following challenges : Can’t find documents or waste a lot of…


3 ways your HRIS system is letting you down

3 ways your HRIS system could be letting you down

Is your HRIS holding you back? Human Resource departments cover a whole range of duties, and depending on the size of the business, or industry the priorities for the systems will change. If you were to carry out a quick survey amongst 10 HR Managers asking what an organisation’s human resource information system (HRIS) should…


GDPR checklist for HR departments from Twofold Ltd

Stay up to date with GDPR for HR departments

What does GDPR mean for your HR department? It’s been a year and a half since we were all flooded with warnings about GDPR. The precautionary instructions on how to avoid company busting fines and reputation ruining lawsuits seemed to have quietened but the doubts around gdpr complaint hr processes lingers. While most people within…


Invoice automation software blog from Twofold Ltd

What steps should your invoice processing solution cover?

What should you know about invoice processing automation? If you’re at the stage of considering a document management system for automation of your invoice processing, you’ll have a list of goals, and a whole lot of questions. It’s best to get these all listed before you make any decisions and of course we are here…