Franking machine prices 2017

The Royal Mail updated their franking postage prices on the 27th March 2017, check the latest prices in the table below.

Make sure you use the new prices to continue making savings over stamp users, and get the right price every time from your franking machine.

Find out about the latest franking technology from Royal Mail’s Mailmark here, and how you can make further savings with Mailmark.

1st Class

2nd Class

FormatWeight up toStampsFrankingMailMarkStampsFrankingMailMark
Large Letter100g£0.98£0.90£0.85£0.76£0.68£0.65
Small Parcel1kg£3.40£3.12£3.12£2.90£2.62£2.62
Medium Parcel1kg£5.70£4.87£4.87£5.00£4.52£4.52

Download these handy wallcharts and full upgrade instructions


Royal Mail Franking Chart
Mailmark Wall Chart

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