Trouble shooting guide for Folder Inserter TFi-35

Operator maintenance – your simple to follow guide

When your folder inserter breaks down we are here to help, but with a few simple and regular checks you can avoid many of the issues that result in an engineer call out. Take a look at the guide below to keep your machine in good working order, but of course if you need an engineer visit, just give the support team a call.

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Daily and weekly cleaning routines

Maintenance frequencyMaintenance
DailyCheck the system functions
Keep the system in proper condition by removing dust, paper remains etc.
When dirty, clean the sealing table and rollers with a slightly wetted cloth, soaked in warm water.
WeeklyWhen dirty or saturated, clean the brushes of the envelope sealing (see "cleaning or replacing moistening brushes" section)
clean rollers (see "clean the system" section).

Cleaning or Replacing Moistening Brushes

See “Filling the Sealing Liquid Reservoir” for the location of the brushes.

1. Open the system.
2. Lift the sealing liquid reservoir with the blue handles carefully out of the system.
3. Remove the three brushes.
4. Clean the brushes with a small amount of water.
If the brushes are worn, replace them with new ones.
5. Install the brushes.
6. Fill the tray with sealing liquid.
7. Make sure the brushes are moistened sufficiently.
8. Replace the liquid reservoir.
9. Close the system.

Clean the System

1. Open the system.
2. Clean the rollers. Use a cleaning product recommended by your authorized distributor and apply it with a lint-free cloth. Wipe each rubber roller while turning it manually.
3. Clean the casing of the system with a damp cloth and a slightly soapy solution.

Fault finding

Error Messages

When an error occurs the touch screen shows a menu showing the following information:

• An indication of the area in which the error occurred.
• An error description.
• A suggested solution.

Special Errors

  • Technical errors.
    The touch screen shows a message. The error cannot be solved by operating personnel and assistance of the service support is needed.
error image for folder inserter manual

Warning Screen

When a cover is opened, the touch screen shows a warning screen with the message “Cover open” and a suggested solution “Close cover”.

Clearing Stoppages

Stoppages can occur in the following areas:

• Document feeders.
• Document path.
• BRE feeder.
• Envelope feeder.

Document Feeders

When a stoppage occurs in the document feeders, remove the documents as follows:

1. Pull the feeder block forward (see figure).
2. If necessary lift the feeder block out of the system.
3. Remove the documents from the bottom of the feeders.
4. Return the feeder block into the system.

feeder error diagram for folder inserter manual

Document Path

When a stoppage occurs somewhere in the document path, remove the documents as follows:

1. Press the button to open the system.
2. If necessary lift flap A, or rotate B or roller E to transport the document.
3. Remove the documents.
4. Close the system.

folder inserter errors image

Feeder 3

When a stoppage occurs in feeder 3, remove the document or envelope as follows:

1. Press flap A of feeder 3 and rotate the feeder downward.
2. Remove the document or envelope.
3. Close the feeder.

Folder inserter operation diagram

Envelope Hopper

When a stoppage occurs in the envelope hopper, remove the envelopes as follows:

1. Press the button to open the system.

2. Remove the envelope: If this is not possible, try to remove it from the top of the hopper.


1. Close the system.

2. Remove the envelope stack and remove the envelope.

Folder inserter operation diagram

Operator Troubleshooting

To solve problems:

1. Write down the error.
2. Consult the troubleshooting tables in sections 6.3.1 up to 6.3.5 to solve the problem.
3. Switch the system off and on again, to verify system operation.
4. When the error still occurs contact your service organisation.


When contacting Twofold you will also be asked for the last error message.

If you have any questions about mailroom machines please get in touch on 0118 951 9800

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