Multifunction devices to save space and reduce costs

Make great savings with Lexmark business professional range of printers and multifunction devices

Would you like to combine the functionality of your office equipment into one simple to operate machine? With a multifunction device (also known as a multifunction printer or MFP), you can incorporate your printer, scanner, photocopier and fax into a single ‘all-in-one’ printer. With these office-friendly printers you can add the ability to email from your device and also scan to DocuWare software, making them the perfect solution to those working from home, who need access to files and printing from remote locations. The Lexmark Business Development professional range is only available through specialist dealers like Twofold Ltd.

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The Lexmark BSD range is designed to have lower running costs, and comprehensive service and support

Twofold supply printers from Lexmark, one of the world leaders in office based printing and multifunction devices. With full training, support, consumables and maintenance plans, you’ll be able to manage your documents and data with complete peace of mind. To complete your solution with a secure and automated capture process, you can add sofware solutions such as DocuWare, and Kofax Web capture or Front Office Server, this office automation solution reduces the days required to ship paper into just minutes via electronic transmission. To find out more, just call the team.


Printers and Multifunction devices

  • Mono, or Pantone colour match devices.
  • Fast printing, choose the device speed to fit your business needs.
  • Scanning, photocopier and printing in one space-saving device.
  • Finishing such as hole punching, and stapling available on selected devices.
Lexmark xc9235 colour multifunction printer
Lexmark xc9235 colour multifunction printer

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Are you GDPR compliant? Do you know what information is being printed or scanned, and can you track and protect it?

The GDPR requires that organisations that control or process personal data of EU residents are fully compliant, with those that fail to comply facing hefty fines.

Take a moment to think of how much information, potentially containing personal data, is either printed or scanned using multifunction products (MFPs). This data needs to be tracked and adequately protected.

Lexmark devices are GDPR-ready, providing multiple, built-in security features allowing customers to meet several aspects of GDPR requirements. The security features are available across the entire product line and include access controls, audit logs and embedded OS protections. Features that competitors are just now integrating into their devices have been standard for many years for Lexmark.

Find out more about how Twofold can help you with GDPR compliance with document management software from Onbase.


When it comes to solving the print security challenge, these four questions can help you identify weak areas in your organisation and respond before they impact your business:

Contact us to find out how we help organisations to print, store and share data securely.

Four security questions you should be asking before yuo buy a new multifunction printer

Efficient and cost effective Office and Mailroom Equipment

From franking machines and folder inserters to scanners and multifunction printers (MFP) our range of office and mailroom equipment is designed to enable businesses to capitalise on their preferred communication methods – in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

Whether your focus is on improving incoming mail, outgoing mail or forms handling, we have the equipment to help you.

You can enjoy the benefits of quality colour printing with complete control of your budget. Lexmark colour devices offer the perfect combination of quality and cost control.

In fact, most Lexmark colour devices in the BSD line include a suite of tools and embedded solutions that allow you to control colour costs and manage exactly how much colour is used throughout your organisation. These handy tools include user-specific access restrictions, device quotas, ongoing tracking, reporting and much more.


Mailroom Equipment Support

Have you got an older machine and need support and maintenance?

From time to time Twofold discontinue products so that we can provide you with the latest machines. Where possible, we will continue to provide you with maintenance for these older machines to keep you in business.


How to get in touch to discuss an upgrade or order consumables

If you are interested in an upgrade of our discontinued machines or need ink, spare parts or envelopes, please contact customer support at or 0118 951 9800.

A4 Colour Multifunction Devices

xc4140 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd
XC6152 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd

A4 Mono Multifunction Devices

XM3150 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd
XM5170 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd

A4 Mono Printers

M3150 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd
M5170 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd

A3 Colour multifunction devices

c9235 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd
xc925 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd
XC9265 multifunction printer from Twofold Ltd

Got a question for us? Just send us a message.


Folder Inserters

Twofold Ltd’s range of folding inserter machines can handle a wide variety of letters, forms, inserts and brochures as well as envelopes to revolutionise your mailroom.

Pressure Sealers

Our Pressure Sealers fold and seal single sheets of continuous or cut sheet forms, providing you with an efficient and secure solution for producing confidential documents ready for posting.

Franking Machines

Franking Machines from Twofold Ltd are easy to operate, whisper quiet and come in a range of sizes – suitable for anyone from a small Ebay seller, right up to the capability to process up to 150 letters a minute.

Address Printers

Our address printers apply names and addresses quickly, and can also overprint envelopes with eye-catching marketing messages and imagery – increasing the chances of your mail being opened.


We can provide you with a wide range of scanner hardware and software solutions to solve almost any of your business needs, from basic ad-hoc scanning to full production environments.


We offer a wide selection of machine compatible and bespoke envelopes in a range of sizes, all designed to enhance our machines, ensuring maximum product performance and longevity.

Forms Handling

Twofold Ltd offers a range of automated form handling solutions that automatically process forms in a fraction of the time it takes to perform the same task manually.

Document Security

We offer a range of secure solutions that can minimise the risks of fraudulent alterations or duplication, and bring back that peace of mind you deserve.

Supported Products

From time to time we discontinue products so that we can provide you with the latest machines. Where possible we continue to provide you with maintenance for these machines.

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