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The Fujitsu 7180 is a fast and effective scanner offering speeds of up to 80 pages per minute and designed to endure a throughput of up to 6,000 documents per day. The automatic document feeder holds up to 80 documents, which it can scan in to your imaging software, straight to file, print or email, in just one minute. The operation of the machine is simple and we find that our customers are very pleased with the ease with which they can start scanning. The Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection system (iSOP) ensures smooth operation of the fi-7180.


A Note From Fujitsu..

Fast and compact

The fi-7180 has been introduced to support increasingly diverse business related document capture routines at the desktop of individual knowledge workers or small workgroups. Simple, productivity-boosting operation virtually eliminates training requirements, both when using the scanner for regular document management routines as well as when using latest “ScanSnap Manager for fi Series scanners” software to accomplish individual ad hoc tasks.

The fi-7180 device introduces a comprehensive capture solution based on three uniquely interlined pillars:

• Best-in-class Fujitsu fi Series scanning hardware

• PaperStream IP scanner driver

• PaperStream Capture batch scanning automation and enhancement software

Best-in-class for cost/performance – top scanning speeds

With duplex scanning capability, the fi-7180 scans colour A4 documents at a speed of 80ppm / 160ipm (all speeds A4 Portrait 200 / 300 dpi), offering unrivalled cost-performance. Wherever you need faster scanning, the fi-7180 guarantees solid performance and quality results. Hardware highlights include:

Large volume hopper

Featuring a high capacity hopper tray, these scanners allow for loading document batches containing up to 80 sheets at a time – and allowing for the continuous feeding of additional documents whilst scanning.

High-speed interface

USB 3.0 support ensures high-speed data transfer between scanner and computer.

LCD status display and control panel

A liquid crystal display (LCD) is included in the operator panel to display useful information including current settings for scanning documents, the number of sheets scanned, and error status. Users know the scanner status in the blink of an eye and can easily select and initiate predefined scanning profiles.

iSOP – intelligent Sonic Paper Protection 

Building on and incorporating the market-proven paper protection mechanisms of previous fi Series scanners, the fi-7180 introduces an additional market innovation for safeguarding any paper documents. By listening to the audible sound of paper movements, intelligent Sonic Paper Protection automatically suspends paper feeding if an irregular noise is detected. This advanced Paper Protection feature reliably reduces the risk of damaging documents during scanning.

Stable paper feeding with skew reduction

The fi-7180 is equipped with a “Skew Reducer” to maintain the straight alignment of paper feeding. Particularly valuable for mixed document batches containing small format documents or thin paper sheets, this function reduces the physical skew of documents throughout the paper path. Even the most untidy batches are given special treatment sheet-by-sheet, which ensures total coverage for every scan: no lost data on the edges or in the corners, no more rescans.


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Additional information

Speed per Minute


Paper Sizes

A8 – A4

Colour Mode

Colour, Greyscale, Black & White

Scanning Mode


Daily Capacity


Feeder Capacity




Feeder Type

Sheet feed




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