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Take the complexity and confusion out of scanning. You can obtain professional results without any special training or scanning experience.

The ScanSnap iX500 is a simple and efficient solution for scanning and managing your files at the touch of a button. This scanner has a recommended throughput of up to 1,000 documents per day. Scanning up to 50 pages per minute and offering resolutions of up to 1200dpi, Fujitsu’s iX500 offers the perfect balance between efficiency and quality. Featuring smart phone (iOS and Android) connectivity the ScanSnap offers extraordinary value for money.

Simply put the pages into the automatic feeder, press SCAN and ScanSnap will:

• Scan both sides of the page
• Detect the size of the page
• Detect colour, grayscale or black&white
• Detect blank pages
• Detect page orientation
• Straighten skewed images
• Create fully searchable PDFs on Windows or Mac


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The ScanSnap iX500 for PC and Mac environments scans at up to 25 pages per minute or 50 images per minute in colour, grayscale, or black & white at an impressive 300 dpi resolution. Stack up to 50 pages into the automatic document feeder (ADF) and press the “SCAN” button to scan both sides of each page in a single pass. The iX500 will automatically detect and scan in black and white or colour, will recognize the size of each document and scan accordingly, will detect and correct for skew, will show images in their proper orientation with blank pages removed and will also reduce bleed through. All these intuitive functions help ensure that the first scan is the best scan and minimise operator involvement.


The iX500 comes with an inbuilt dual core CPU that enhances scanning performance even further. This ‘GI’ processor’ allows for scanning via WiFi to your PC or Mac, tablet or mobile device without the need for a host computer. It maintains the quoted scanning speeds even if the target device suffers from low memory or poor connectivity and with USB 3.0 support as standard you get a performance that you’d expect from a high speed, high volume device. Additionally creating searchable pdf’s is further enhanced through this new engine.


Simple, Speedy & Compact

The iX500 easily digitises paper based data with the touch of one button. Simply place a document in the scanner’s paper chute, press the “scan” button, and the iX500 starts scanning right away. Furthermore, the iX500 is able to scan up to 50 double-sided pages at a speedy 25 pages per minute.


Gets on with its job – so you can get on with yours

The iX500 has an advanced “GI” image processing engine at its heart, taking ScanSnap to the next performance level. This powerful dual core CPU delivers enhanced scanning speeds independent of target device and connectivity, with a paper feeding performance that you would normally only experience from high speed, high volume scanners. Super-fast scanning is enhanced through the iX500’s USB 3.0 interface.


The smart ScanSnap iX500 caters for every home and business scanning need, whether it’s business cards, receipts, or irregular shaped items such as recipes or magazines and newspaper clippings. The bundled carrier sheet enables iX500 users to digitise larger documents (A3/B4) as well as fragile items such as photographs – and carrier sheets can be scanned either as separate batches or mixed in with regular documents.


ScanSnap Folder, simplifying scanning to Windows applications 

Inserting and importing images or PDFs into your favourite applications is a breeze, even without traditional driver software or a scanning interface. Simply browse to the new ‘ScanSnap Folder’ within your local computer, hit the blue Scan button on your scanner and your document will then be automatically imported into your application then deleted from ‘ScanSnap Folder’.


You’re connected. Scan everywhere, anyhow. View any time, any place 

The iX500 offers seamless linking to Cloud services allowing you to access your documents from any device, wherever and whenever you need it. The iX500 supports direct scanning to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, SalesForce and SugarSync. With built-in Wi-Fi, the iX500 offers the unique ability to link directly with mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones or tablets. What is more,users can wirelessly operate the scanner via their Smart Device and the ScanSnap Connect Application* – creating high quality scanned images that can be saved to the device, manipulated, retrieved at a later date and distributed.


Best-in-class software bundle:

ScanSnap Organizer allows you to view, manage and edit PDF and JPEG files scanned with ScanSnap. Organizer allows users to convert scanned PDF files into searchable content, embed custom keywords, attach to email or SharePoint.

ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap allows for the automatic text and image conversion of scanned documents to create editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

CardMinder enables for the scanning of business cards and the import of data to a database package

ScanSnap Receipt allows you to easily scan and extract information off of your receipts, and even export the data for tax filing.

ScanSnap Sync helps to easily and automatically synchronise with multiple devices.

Scan to Microsoft SharePoint for enhanced collaboration.

Nuance Power PDF for Win and Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

The bundled Nuance software allows users to read directly from cloud based applications and to save directly to those cloud based applications meaning that the possibility of using and sharing digital documents is extended. In case documents are intended to be managed locally, ScanSnap Organizer will provide an ideal repository. This application plays an increasingly important role in the ScanSnap eco system, especially when additionally utilising the recently introduced ScanSnap Sync.


Save energy as well as trees

It goes without saying, that scanning saves paper, saves trees. The iX500 goes even further in helping the environment. It supports in advance the new version of “Energy Star” power saving standards, planned to be introduced in September 2013. The iX500 was designed from the outset to save energy. Its new CIS imaging sensor and red/green/blue LED light source help to reduce operating power by 40%, to just 20W, whilst consumption is slashed to 1.6W or less in sleep mode (2.5W when Wi-Fi is enabled). It even turns itself off completely when unused for a specified length of time

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Additional information

Speed per Minute


Paper Sizes

A8 – A3 with carrier sheet

Colour Mode

Colour, Greyscale, Black & White

Scanning Mode


Daily Capacity


Feeder Capacity




Feeder Type

Sheet feed


ScanSnap manager


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