HP2 Friction Feeder

HP Address Printer friction feeder

With simple setup, versatility, and reliability. The R12 feeders handles up to 12” wide stock and the R14 feeders up to 14” at speeds up to 40,000 pieces per hour! If necessary, friction feeders that handle up to 20” wide material are available.


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Friction Feeder

The friction feeders that Specialty offers are designed to take the hassle out of feeding. In today’s competitive marketplace, users need feeders they can count on to run whatever comes their way. Revolutionary features enable the feeders to easily handle a wide range of media types and sizes from business cards to large catalogs, and almost everything in between.


  • Advanced, patented separation for smoother feeding without jams.
  • Repositionable feed belts and separators.
  • Use as many separators and belts as each job requires.
  •  Complete paper guides for consistent registration.
  • All belts can be replaced in minutes.
  • Heavy duty shafts and bearings for long life.
  • Completely tool-less setup.
  • Clean design – easy to setup, easy to move, easy to service.


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