TF E/P – Embosser

The TF E/P Embosser is designed for higher demands. This embosser is operated electronically, providing needle sharp impressions at the touch of a button on more robust materials such as cardboard.


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The female embossing stamp, or die is made from brass or steel with the desired impression being manually engraved on it. The male stamp is made from hard plastic and fits the female stamp perfectly. The result is absolute sharpness of detail in every impression giving that touch of class to all your documents.


The TF E/P Embosser comes equipped with adjustable side and rear gauges to ensure precise and consistent positioning of the stamp on every document.

The TF E/P Embosser also comes with optional security features such as a security lock and counter. This way you can not only prevent unauthorised use, but also record the number of impressions made every time the button is pressed.


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