TF-E/T – Perforator

The TF E/T is an electric perforator designed for high volumes of fixed text perforating; for example with terms such as ENTERED, PAID, VOID and SAMPLE. This perforator is designed to perforate mulitple lines of text or symbols on a variety of documents including invoices, insurance claims, passports, cheques, delivery notes and shipping documents.


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High Security

Twofold’s perforators are used throughout the world for the secure cancellation of documents, most commonly being used for cancelling Travellers Cheques, which is a major target for the criminal. Many documents of value require secure cancellation to prevent them being presented more than once. In many cases the organisation will use ink to cancel the document. However, inks can be extremely easy to remove or “wash” off and this makes them less than ideal for cancelling documents. Perforating is a permanent, totally secure and cost effective means of marking your documents. For increased security, the TF E/T perforator can be fitted with a security lock in order to prevent unauthorised use.

Simple and flexible

Each text line can have 7 characters in one of the three standard sizes 6mm, 8mm or 10mm. More than 7 characters or multiple lines are possible providing the maximum perforation width is not exceeded. Optional counters can be fitted to the perforator upon request. The TF E/T comes with adjustable rear and side gauges enabling precise and consistent text perforation on every document. Documents are perforated by either lightly pressing the contact strip on the feed table or by the optional foot switch for increased speed and efficiency. The TF E/T perforates approximately 25 sheets of 70gsm paper in one single operation making perforation a quicker and more convenient means of document validation.


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Fixed text


Medium / high

Papers per insert

Up to 25 per insert

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