TFb-5 Burster

Twofold’s TFb-5 Burster is exceptionally quiet and fast. With it’s variable speed control the TFb-5 can handle up to 1,000 11″ continuous forms in less than 10 minutes. That’s 30 metres per minute.


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Simple and reliable

The TFb-5 Burster is extremely simple to set-up and operate. The TFb-5 is not only economical to run, but provides the operator with an impressive range of features, which are normally associated with larger more costly machines, as standard. These features are, Adjustable Length, Adjustable Width, Anti Static Strip Fitted, Variable Speed, Tray Stacker, protected by Micro Switched Cover plus the ability to handle Multi-part Forms.

Easy to operate

The TFb-5 Burster is capable of handling most types of continuous form constructions, including data-mailers, card applications and multi-part sets. This Burster is ideally suited to processing short runs quickly and efficiently, making the B5 Burster ideal for meeting the requirements of the smaller office environment. This Burster is capable of processing forms up to 13″ (330mm) wide, and up to 200gsm in weight, subject to construction.

Heavy duty

The TFb-50 Burster is built using the highest quality components, and modern manufacturing techniques, resulting in a machine that is fast, versatile and robust.


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Additional information

Speed per Minute

0-30 sheets

Paper Sizes

Min 11.5 cm Max 33 cm x 30.5 cm

Max. Daily Usage

4,000 ratings forms


49.5 x 89 x 55 cm


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