TFc-25se – Cheque Signer

Twofold’s TFc-25se Secure Cheque Signer is a stand-alone system that will provide an efficient and effective method of cheque signing within a secure environment.


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Security and control

The TFc-25se comes fully equipped with two-tier security access. The high security patented Octagon lock and electronic pin control required for system entry ensures maximum protection and control. The TFc-25se Cheque Signer places a multi-coloured, perforated signature together with a unique fingerprint surround onto the cheque, for maximum protection against forgery.

With the non-resettable audit counter keeping an accurate count of all cheques signed, and a separate resettable batch counter, you can keep accurate batch counts for your records.


Speed and efficiency

A self alignment mechanism ensures accurate positioning of cheques every time, resulting in no costly waste or need for header cheques.


Easy to use

The TFc-25se is made simple to use with its clear LCD display providing useful process information that allows the operator to see clearly which part of the machine is in use. The programmable memory provides individual jobs to be stored, allowing the processing of different cheque sizes at the touch of a button.


Heavy duty

The TFc-25se Secure Cheque Signer is built using the highest quality components, and modern manufacturing techniques ensuring stability, longevity and most importantly maximum levels of security.


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Additional information

Feeder Type

manual, single sheet and continuous

Security Access

Two tiered

Signature type

Multi-coloured, perforated

Audit counter

Non resettable

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