TFe-35 Letter Extractor

The TFe-35 letter extractor, is a high speed letter opener that also extracts the contents of an envelope, at a rate of 2,000 items per hour. It also has a variable speed control that can be altered to suit the operator.


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The TFe-35 letter extractor not only opens your mail, but extracts the contents and places it in front of you. The operator can then easily place the items into the internal postal system.

Quiet in operation, this letter extractor can perform continuous running for extra productivity. Another benefit is its ability to open mixed sizes of envelopes automatically. With a high degree of operational reliability, this mail opener requires minimum service and maintenance. The TFe-35 automatic letter extractor has 9 job settings. However there are basically two main settings; continuous opening and operator controlled opening (via a sensor on the catcher tray). The standard catcher tray has a sensor in the base. When the contents land on the tray they cover the sensor, then when removed the letter extractor automatically starts and delivers another.

You can open three sides of the envelope in one pass, or can open just 1 or 2 if required. (If extracting, 3 sides must be opened). TheĀ operator simply needs to load and unload the large capacity feeder and stacker. The TFe-35 letter extractor is made of steel, using the highest quality components, resulting in a solid metal construction throughout. The best of workmanship and modern manufacturing techniques are used, ensuring reliable operation day after day.


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Envelopes per Hour

Up to 2000



Max. Envelopes Thickness





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