TFh-21 – Hologram Applicator

Document duplication and alteration of data are constantly on the increase and any document of value is at risk. The H21 Holosealer offers its users the ultimate in document protection against fraud.


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Applying a security foil to your documents at the point of issue as part of your authorisation process, gives you total control over your fraud prevention. Registered holograms are widely considered to be the most secure form of validating documents as the image in the foil is registered for use only by your organisation. The TFh-21 has dual key control, requiring both the Supervisor and Operator keys for system entry. The additional coded electronic security key, required for entry to the machines internal components, provides further levels of security and control. The TFh-21 Holosealer has a non-resettable audit counter and resettable batch counter enabling the operator to keep accurate records in its security register book. With tamperproof housing and an auto shut down mechanism if left unused for more than 10 minutes, the TFh-21 really does offer you high levels of document security.


Flexible & Reliable

Twofold’s TFh-21 is a revolution in the field of fraud prevention as it offers you a range of different security options which can all be applied using the same unit. The TFh-21 offers total foiling flexibility and can apply wallpaper holograms, transparent holograms, registered holograms and Securigrafix® impressions. All of these can be applied to a wide range of documents including cheques, drafts, bonds, certificates, identity cards, passports, licences, permits, tickets, shipping documents and vouchers. The TFh-21 offers flexibility by enabling the operator to use various foils and impression blocks as well as having a document thickness adjuster. With a hydraulic impression mechanism preventing machine jamming and a low/no foil warning, the TFh-21 provides both flexible and reliable fraud prevention.


Easy to operate

The TFh-21 Holosealer is quiet in operation making it suitable for an office environment. The adjustable document guides ensure the document is in the correct position for the foil impression. The linear scales on the paper table allow the guide positions for a particular task to be noted, so the next time the same task is performed, set up time is minimal. The TFh-21 comes with an optional foot switch for increased ease of operation.


Security foils and their uses

Transparent holograms protect data by sealing it on to the document. It leaves data visible and cannot be removed without evidence of tampering. Securigrafix® is used to authenticate documents. It is a combination of an etched impression die and a plain stamping foil. This is a cost effective means of applying a customer specific impression. Wallpaper holograms are used to authenticate documents. The holographic image cannot be photocopied or scanned, even with the latest computer technology. Registered holograms are also used to validate documents. The image in the hologram can be designed to your specification and registered to your organisation, thus preventing unauthorised use.


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