TFo-3066 Letter Opener

The Twofold TFo-3066 lets you open your mail and retrieve the contents as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Give us a call on 0118 9519 800 to discuss the Counter option on this machine which can be used to keep track of how many letters you open per day, and to ensure the safe carriage of letters from delivery to department.


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The unique high speed milling wheel cutter can remove 0-3mm of the envelope edge and unlike inferior slicing blades and guillotine machines they won’t leave you with cut or damaged content.

The milling wheel cutting action will produce a soft feathered edge on the envelope, which helps to protect your staff from painful paper cuts. It will also give easy access to the contents of the envelope. Waste is minimised and automatically disposed of; the tiny chips are whisked away and are automatically discarded, thus keeping the work area clean and preventing paper jams. The TFo-3066 can handle all types and sizes of envelopes up to 8mm thick and will open up to 40,000 envelopes an hour.

The two motors ensure the letter opener is a true “workhorse” and ensures high performance and a longer life. The operator simply needs  to load and unload the envelopes. The large feeder and stacker capacity allows the machine to continue running during the entire process.


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Envelopes per Hour


Feeder Capacity

300 Envelopes



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