TFs-5000 Pressure Sealer

The TFs-5000 heavy duty Pressure Sealer is the perfect solution for processing pressure seal documents, operating at 5,000 forms per hour.


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Twofold’s TFs-5000 Pressure Sealer is capable of folding and sealing up to 5000 pressure seal forms per hour.

With a feeder capacity of 200 pressure forms, these machines are both fast and efficient. The TFs-5000 Pressure Sealer is the preferred choice for small to medium volume processing of one-piece mailers, including payslips, letters, notices, invoices, statements, remittance advice, cheques, school reports, reply slip subscriptions, memberships, appointment reminders, simple direct mailing and all other single sheet forms.

The TFs-5000 is capable of folding pressure forms of up to 120gsm in V, Z and C folds. The result is secure, confidential documents that are ready for distribution. This automatic folding and pressure sealing machine is easy to use and fast and efficient to run. Just load the pressure seal forms into the feeder, and the TFs-5000 will fold and seal the forms without any mess or fuss.

The Pressure Sealer will work in conjunction with your existing impact, inkjet or laser printer, and due to their extremely quiet operation, they are ideally suited for use in any office environment. The pressure form flow is electronically monitored, and in the event of a stoppage, the TFs-5000 automatically shuts down, avoiding disruption to form sequence or count. With the TFs-5000 Pressure Sealer there’s no liquid glue, water or heat, meaning no mess or risk of burns.


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Additional information

Forms per Hour

Up to 5,000

Form Size

297×210 (A4)

Paper Weight


Feeder Capacity

200 sheets

Fold types

Z, V and C Fold




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